Monday, October 3, 2016

'Celebrity Connected' Celebrated Emmys 2016 w/Natural Food & Practical Ideas

Photos & story by Karen Ostlund honored the Emmys 2016 with a gifting suite at W Hotel Hollywood, September 17th - one day before the 68 Annual Emmy awards at Microsoft theatre downtown Los Angeles.
The suite featured fun gifts and gift-ideas for the holidays. Natural food products dominated the sponsors, among skincare, design and practical inventions:
The Curious Creamery, makes ice
cream without the machine
The Curious Creamery is a revolutionary new way to make ice cream WITHOUT an ice cream machine. 
This ice-cream mix offers NUTRITION CONTROL at it's base form using water, The Curious Creamery has just 100 calories per scoop. Beyond that, you have the option of using juices, skim/whole milk, cream, almond milk or even liqueuers.
LOWER CARBON FOOTPRINT. By taking the process of adding liquids and freezing away from distant factories and long cold supply chains, The Curious Creamery is able to lower the carbon footprint of ice cream by nearly 90%. 

Video how to use The Curious Creamery: from Glendale
 offered many flavors of their
award winning frozen yoghurt. speciality is Himalayan salt.
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt contains 84 live minerals, which is the same found in the human body. The benefits of this natural salt are: Promoting healthy PH balance in your cells*; Increases hydration*; Prevents muscle cramping*; Lowers blood pressure*; Improves circulation* and helps the Intestines absorb nutrients*  are well known for their cupcakes,
Chocolate Toffee Crunch and Sweet Gold Collection
sprinkled in 24 K edible gold.
  Snack products Apple, Pear and Sweet Potato are made in Washington state's 
Yakima Valley, which is noted for being one of the best
apple producing areas in the world. Protein bars: vegan pea protein, whey protein and egg white protein.

 UNSTICK™ is made of a non-toxic, high quality Japanese PTFE coated material, FDA approved. All UNSTICK™ products have several layers of PTFE non-stick reusable coating  which allows food to simply glide off. The heat resistant is to 500F or C 260
The use of PTFE has been used for decades, but not as a cooking sheet in products as non-stick frying pans, cookie sheets, and cake pans.It is recommended to avoid using metal utensils or sharp objects will scratch the sheets/liners and deteriorate the non-stick coating.It is stored as rolled up.
An Italian idea, a washable paper bag that looks like suede. UASHMAMA® washable paper is made using a virgin fiber through cultivation and notdeforestation.  Paper washes like fabric holding it’s form so it can be used over and over again promoting sustainability perfect for catering and home wares.   Inspiration comes from its creator: Marco Marconi.     
NIL reusable food wraps food wraps. Nils are an alternative to plastic food wrap. They are a great way to convert to this healthier, more environmentally conscious way of living to keep your food fresher and more economical  You can use Nil wraps for wrapping cheese, covering jam or that last bit of milk. They are also great for wrapping a half of a tomato or cucumber etc. Just keep reusing your Nils. If they need to be washed or wiped, just use cold water and mild soap. Durability approximately 4-6 months. Ingredients Organic cotton, Organic New Zealand Beeswax, Manuka oil, Organic New Zealand propolis and Jojoba oil.

Washdolly microfibre makeup remover cloth is a Canadian product. The idea comes from Van deer Waals, a Dutch chemist (1827-1923) who won the Nobel Prize for discovering van derr Waals force which explains why geckos can walk on walls and ceilings - they use the tiny hairs on the bottoms of their toes.
Washdolly is a microfibre cloth made of two synthetic polymers: 75% polyester and 25% polyamide. Polyester likes to bind to fat, which is why the cloth works well to wipe away grease and dirt without using chemicals.  When water is applied to the cloth, it is stored between the pores of the fibre rather than binding directly to them. The result is a much faster drying fabric. 
This sticky force attracts dirt and grease with millions of microfibres in this highly porous material with a large surface area that fits in the palm of your hand, removes your makeup with ease while cleaning your face.
Deppatch reusable facial mask reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and rejuvenation of aging skin. The deep patch system is different from other competitors by the treatment solutions being applied to the face, before the beauty patches are placed on,to enhance and drive various vitamins, skin whitening and anti-aging ingredients deeper into the skin. The clinically proven micro current patches are reusable up to eight treatments. The Dep patch power system uses a micro current force that transports 20% C+ Liquid Gold Infusing Serum 300% deeper into the epidermis than topical application alone.
Instruction video:
UK CEO Joseph Begley for
"A brand new soft bum neon lamp to mount on your wall or place on your table, to brighten your day. 
Slap it, pinch it or gently squeeze this tantalizingly tactile tush to light up your room". craft mixers. Lemon Drop martini
ingredients, 3 oz Stirrings® Simple Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Mixer, 1.5 oz Smirnoff® Vodka.
Blood Orange Margarita Ingredients: 1.5oz Stirrings® Simple Blood Orange Martini Cocktail Mixer, 1.5 oz Stirrings® Simple Margarita Cocktail Mixer 1.5 oz Don Julio® Blanco.
ThThe The new blazer collection at RuvaAfricWear features Kente Cloth Blazers for men and women. strives to be the best and number one online source for African art and fashion established RuvaAfricWear in 2015,  "We love African art and fashion and we regularly visit our home countries Ethiopia and Zimbabwe" sunglasses, KIYO and AKIKO

VIVON style from Okinawa

VIVON is an original jewellery brand based in Okinawa, Japan by KIYO and AKIKO, brother and sister. They both studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins in London. VIVON’s creations come from mixing London’s exciting creative scene and Okinawa’s rich nature through exploring “life” from various angles. homemade dildo kit lets you make an EXACT vibrating silicone replica of ANY penis, safely and easily in the comfort of your own home. Clone-A-Willy's penis casting kit uses medically tested molding gel that captures incredible lifelike detail, making it the most personalized cock casting kit on the planet. It's fun and easy to do!
Clone-A-Willy Blue Glow

 Each Homemade Dildo Kit comes with everything you need:
  • Body Safe 'Light Skin Tone' Silicone
  • One Bag of Algae Based Molding Powder
  • Molding Tube
  • Vibrating Unit
Video instructions: How to clone a willy: 
Chakrubs healing sextoys of crystal 
 Sex toys are made from 100% pure crystal that bring a sense of sacredness and spiritual to your playtime.  The hand-crafted tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide. Crystals have perfect molecular structures that have positive effects on our electro-magnetic fields and sexual wellness. is a group of creative, energetic people inspired by the dream of bringing you artistically driven cell phone cases to iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung S6 and Samsung S7.  bling iPhone cases, glasses, headphones. 


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