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Psychic Hearing 2017:JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery

(April 22, 2017) By Karen Ostlund       (Updated June 27, May 30 2017, April 30)                                                                                           "Psychic Hearing Combined With Astrology : JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery"

JonBenet Murder Mystery becomes a puzzle-rebus because the children live in horoscopes as older, but appear younger in photos and videos.

December 26th 2016 marked 20 years anniversary since JonBenet Ramsey, a 6-year-old beauty queen, was brutally murdered in her family’s sprawling home in Boulder, Colorado, but according to astrology it has past 27 years.
Anyone with good memory can still remember in late fall, November 1989 the tabloids next to the checkout counters in New York City supermarkets published the photos of a 5-6 year old beauty pageant named Burke, and the photos of the funeral (today found on the internet). The case was  announced on news channels, but her brother had to wait to be interviewed.

7 years old later, end of December 1996  in New York City, the same supermarkets checkout counter's tabloids  had a cover of same girl murdered again, but now her name was JonBenet.
Among law enforcement, the media and the public, theories abounded as to who the killer or killers were, with many suspects ranging from JonBenet’s parents to a former substitute teacher living in Thailand. All declared not guilty after investigation.
Investigators formed an expert prosecution task force, followed thousands of tips and spent millions of dollars trying to charge and prosecute a suspect. The crime spurred books, TV shows and movies, including several this last fall.

 "JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery” on YouTube:
It was announced December 28 2016 that Jon-Benet brother Burke Ramsey was moving forward with a $750 million ($250 million in compensatory damages and $500 million in punitive damages) defamation suit against CBS following the network documentary special, The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, which concluded in an accusation that Burke killed his sister and damaged his reputation.

The suit filed names: retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and criminal profiler Jim Clemente; criminal behaviorist Laura Richards; Jim Kolar, a former lead investigator in the JonBenét Ramsey murder investigation; forensic linguistics expert James Fitzgerald; statement analyst Stanley Burke; and forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee.

Psychic hearing is not evidence in American Justice, but it can create an idea how to resolve a mystery. Astrology is a science and can be used as facts. For example, the lighting and expression in a face of planets: Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars can help.Source below from old Astrology Geocentric Ephemeris books, online versions can vary.
 JonBenet case can be compared with 1969 murder of Sharon Tate because the intruder sees a soul which causes the victim's death.
In Sharon Tate case the intruder sees a pregnant soul on a totally flat stomach, which caused she got knifed.There was no embryo found at the Tate's crime-scene or autopsy.
In Jon Benet case the intruder sees a soul on her nose and chin which caused he turned the stun-gun on to remove it.The duck tape is put her mouth after she got unconscious, in search to remove what he sees with help of paintbrush attached to a garrote.The garrote was originally used for cure head pain air-pressure in airplane cabin for someone that feels his body-cell can’t touch the ground. It function by tighten on upper arm and then the longer string is put under the foot.(tool origin from Marrakesh, Morocco )

 Patsy thought it did not matter who she was dating during the teenage years, but it did  matter.
She had a sweetheart, a young man in 3 of her school year books age 13-20 with the same eyes and hair as Burke. His photos can be found in 3 of her school year books, but Patsy’s photo had to be there too.His name has been changed with two letters.
This man works today among celebrities and has talked in a way he cares about Patsy, and she was his former sweetheart who became a beauty pageant. He does not remember, when asked, if he is the father to her son.(but he is not the father) They broke up in the 70s.

Observation:To create the hair of JonBenet, the biological father has to have a close or same hair cell (on the head) as Patsy, but much lighter.
Patsy had a blond man in her work (computer company) that she had a written agreement with to carry a child thru sperm donation-no sex involved.The agreement had money involving the name Burke Hamilton, which was original the girl's name.

 The blonde man was in Patsy's computer company for a period of time, and met her husband John, but he also lived in another city in US.
The reason Patsy was chosen was because of her former sweetheart in her teenage years. Other reasons: Patsy had his close hair cell, and seemed to have same soul, visible in inner eyes when she talked.

Astrology: Patsy lived as Dec.29 1956 in her beauty contest photos, on top of her biological birth-date, 29 December 1957(Sun Capricorn, Moon Cancer, Venus Scorpio, Mars Cancer)

Patsy's "school years sweetheart" was living as a 1956 Zodiac Sign Leo with Mars in Aries, on top of his biological birth-date Zodiac sign Sagittarius with Mars in Pisces 1954.

John Ramsey was living as Dec.7 1941- in the early photos with Patsy, when he had  longer darker hair. (Sun Saggitarius, Moon Cancer, Venus Aquarius, Mars Aries)
He was a former hired pilot, and had an emergency without runway - no-one got hurt, but no-one came to help after landing.
John was seeking legal help for this in the past.

There was a plane on a music tour oversees that was supposed to return for the Christmas holidays in New York, Dec. 25th 1989. The same plane returned earlier, but to Boulder, late fall 1989.

Investigation Discovery TV Channel filmed legal paper from The Jon-Benet murder trial which showed Benet was spelled Bennett, but Jon Bennett is a male name.
This explains the boy’s name is Jon Ben Patric and zodiac-sign Leo, with Moon or Mars in Aquarius.Most likely Aug.6 1981-82, because the girl, which original name was Burke Hamilton was living as Jan. 27 1983-84 in the family photos and on stage.The interview tape of the boy Burke 1997 fits in with his horoscope, if the tape was filmed 1991.

As a stage performer, JonBenet's horoscope was gliding over to 27 Jan.1984. 
Venus (inner eye) in Sagittarius and Mars (inner circle in face) in Scorpio is visible lighting to her body on stage. In family photos she looks as Sun Aquarius with moon in Cancer and Mars in Pisces as in 27 Jan. 1983.
The boy is blue-eyed, The girl is grey-eyed,  but tabloids changed her eye-color to both green and blue in December 1996 tabloid reprint.

The ransom note was written to change the case 7 years

There is a hidden side-office in Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood that have one of the stolen document from late fall 1989. The same office provides photos to the tabloids of two people dating, before the meet.
There is group 7 males involved that don't want to be part of either: straight, gay, lesbian or bi-sex. They do sex-change to approach celebrity homes.
The problem origin from having high-profiled straight men, using gay-men related to PRs  to make introductions at public places. These gay-men were later approached by a group of transgender to taken over. Black males are trying to control this office with help of telephone and internet.Some remember having done appearances at MSNBC's prison TV Documentary Series "Lock Up".

There was airplane crew coming in Ramsey’s house the day JonBenet died.
They only knew Patsy had a boy, not a girl.
 Upstairs in the house, there was a man of light Arab accent hair. He was going thru Patsy’s wardrobe with the intention to put her clothes on, and take with him. Downstairs at the Ramsey’s basement, there was a man with African-Afro, and a holster. They had both lived in Egypt, and the man upstairs worked in an aeroplane that travel between North African Countries.

The feces on Patsy's clothes comes from the intruder downstairs being sick from cabin pressure in an airline, that travel between North African countries.
The blood drop found on JonBenet's underwear comes from a cut in a male organ.

The garrote without the paint brush, (the murder weapon) was used for his arm to cure cabin-pressure on himself. JonBenet got strangled because the intruder saw a soul-mask on her face (chin, nose, that gave her finer facial-features in some photos) He thought he could separate/remove the facial-soul-mask. An illusionist that works on stage can explain what a person sees in different level of atmosphere.

Both the person upstairs and downstairs in the Ramsey's house had stolen US Government Issued Documents from up in the air, in an airplane before landing in US. The bearer of these documents can add one letter before the name, so it comes up in a different alphabet order, and make similar shape letters become each other. For ex. the letter j, can be both y & g.The purpose to take these documents was to create new names and birth dates to prisoners coming out from jail, and later become staff and family members to celebrities. This creates a problem because they don’t know castings or qualification for agents in the 3 main categories of time-eras 70s, 80s, 90s of song, acting and fashion modelling.
These stolen document can also change birth years on US Passports.They are legally traced passports, but there are no birth certificates and fingerprints that go with them.The only way to resolve this, is to locate all US Passport that are issued late fall 1989 and later, and if they do not have the same spelling and birth year before - just start to erase 24/7 -meanwhile have fingerprint check entering major offices- same way as they do entering sports-clubs.
This will result, the people with memory loss of birth year and no-work circle, will sink-down in the atmosphere to the people with memory of age and a work-circle. Race tension, political problems and China’s Yulin Dog/Cat Meat Festival will sink down to the betterment.
The first to target was Patsy's teenage years sweetheart, and change his birth year to 1962, and add two letters to his name.His documents got duplicated to live on his assets. His school photo of teenage years was moved to 1962 schoolmates, by adding a page to a later school yearbook.
Astrology: Result if a person goes to school as birth year 1957 and then get moved to 1962 and cause memory loss: The 1962 horoscope rolls back to 1955 - but if the biological birth year was 1955 or 1954 before school, the horoscope continues to roll back to 1953 or 1952-depending of mind.
That’s why the question is asked “How do you look so young? showing the same birth year in their passport.
Second to target was the Trump divorce, Feb.1st 1990, because Marla showed a US Passport as born 27 October, 1963, after growing up as 27 May, 1957, without the letters M and P in her name before.

Swedish hospitals are indirect involved because the bearers of the changed passports (story above) receive unwanted babies from Sweden, before they reach adoption bureau (from teenage pregnancies and former rehab, same race-hair biological parents). The circle is broken by using ball-pointed pen to list pregnancies which mothers consider adopt away.(not computer)
 Only race-hair is listed,and sex and eye-color are missing if the baby is taken out of computer before birth. They are listed “found parents” before reaching adoption bureau.The circle is also broken by using hospital nurses with Caucasian hair, handing over the adoption-baby to the new mother or move to intensive care.

Observation: There is photos on the internet of Jon-Benet's open casket at the funeral and then later photos her cranium.This fact explains she was taken up after funeral.

 Updated Psychic Hearing, April 30 2017: There is spot at Warner Brothers' lot where mailing leave unwanted head-shots. The same head-shots get promoted with a new spelling of their names and birth years by a male from the “hidden side office” (story above) -  and with help of a phone line at a Spielberg facility.

There is also another boy involved in JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery who got his birth year and spelling of name changed from 1977 to 1980, to stay low profile.
He has a very wealthy father who knows Patsy from the late 70’s and he lived with John Ramsey’s former girlfriend. He has done appearances in reality television. and he was hit in the head, but from an earlier incident.
The “wealthy man” could be a man with a title of a Prince, in either Norway or England, who came to USA on vacation, long periods of time in the late 70’s.
Updated Psychic Hearing, May 30 2017:

In 1988 NYC, there was a tall blond transgender trying to date Donald Trump. but he had to let him go, because shorter blond women interfered. Later, the same blond transgender approached Patsy's former "sweetheart" in an airplane.

It’s also memory loss involved, caused by high-tension/fear from loosing the house. Therefor it’s better to check the names of the ownership of the Ramsey’s house 1987-November 1989.
John has known Patsy very long time since the 70’s, but there is a gap in their relationship, and he comes back to help, after the girl JonBenet was born.
The bearer of the stolen documents belonged once to border-police.(story above)
There are performers in US, waiting for documents of police, to put them on job, which make it very difficult for previous talents to do come-back.

LAWSUITS: Always check if the court case number exist, because if the court-number doesn’t exist in your computer - it does not exist in the court-house computer either.
 If the court number is not existing, the signatures from the judges are usually from a computer-mouse - they look exactly the same, and can be put in file. The stamp and date on the first page of the Summons are usually from the last day to respond, after 5pm. (All Summons have 5 days to respond) The stamp is already old. If a matter like this is discovered, it's important for the Court-house clerk to type in “non-existing number, cannot be changed” because the person that create this kind of suits has an intention to Amend (Cancel) the court-papers, by showing ID and show the Summons to the Court-clerk.
The wrongful (accuser/plaintiff) wants the court-clerk to type-in the non-existing number as cancelled, so his name shows up as the owner for something that does not belong to him - It is usually a property, that belongs to the City, left to a Management, many years earlier.
The wrongly Amended Court-papers are used to change the locks to paying renters apartments and take over properties. Dog & cat owners have been target this way, if their contracts had no-pet policies two decades earlier.

All City Halls need to pull out their old records of their apartments, before they were left to a Management in the 80’s. The rents of the city-owned apartments can be as low as a third, if calculated correct with inflation and renovation.

In an ongoing Civil-suits case, the court number need to be checked before the case get typed-in as "re-trial", because a victim cannot collect any money winning a case, with a non-existing court number, put in file.
There are reported small-claim suits in LA, where the guard next to the Judge has the password to send out an automatic letters of "returning filing fees" to the victim, instead of a settlement, after the Judge ruled a win to the victim.
Psychic Hearing July 27, 2017:

While JonBenet was still alive, there was a gay-boy from LA traveling to Boulder to check on a blond man, who was making phone-calls from the Ramsey's home office landline (1987-8)

The gay-boy's investigation started, after over-hearing executive talk.This resulted a man with a "security jacket" from John Ramsey's office came to Ramsey's home,when Patsy was home alone - He had intention to take over the home-office landline.

The blond man approached Patsy because she had a son from 1977,with a royal dad. The son lived later with John Ramsey's former girlfriend.

The blond man left US before JonBenet died, and he also lost a house he owned in US. He traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, where he had a work position in Stockholm Castle. There can be phone-calls traced (1987) from Ramsey's home-office in Boulder to Stockholm Castle in Sweden.

The boy Burke and the boy John Andrew (from John Ramsey's previous marriage to Lucinda, listed on internet) were original the same name: Jon and Jon - that became John and Burke.
Burke is younger, and he came into Lucinda's home as a baby in the early 80's, with help of a well-known musician - then moved over to Patsy's home.
Burke has a forgotten, hidden passport with a different last name somewhere in Lucinda's home from the early 80's.

 Astrology About Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley:
Marilyn Monroe was born Jean Norma, March 1-1921 (Sun-Pisces, Moon-Sag, Mars-Aries) but she was growing up as June 1st 1922 - Showing in her early photos, smiling with long curly hair. (Sun-Gem, Moon-Leo, Venus-Cancer and Mars-Sag)
Marilyn pushed her own horoscope to June 1st 1926 (before it was changed from 1922 to 1926 after movie contract was signed as adult) She stayed grounded, and kept trying to reach success in her own sector of work, which resulted her horoscope started to make “stairs” - rolling between June 1st 1926 to June 1st 1919, and back again (7 years).
In all times people were paying to see performers with a wide rolling horoscope on stage.
No-one stays with a "wide rolling horoscope" longer than 10-12 years - then it rolls back 4 years.

In Marilyn’s case 1926 rolled back to 1922, and her biological Mars in Aries (March 1st 1921) started to show on film, the last year of her life.

New York insiders knew that Marilyn’s biological father was Pierre Grimaldi (same as Rainer of Monaco) and Elvis Presley and his twin-brother were the biological sons of Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. Elvis and twin were born Sagittarius (close to Capricorn) with moon in Pisces 1936 (as blond).  Elvis was moved to Capricorn, 8 Jan. 1935 as adult. (as brunette).
The gravestone of Elvis twin Jessie was put up in 1956 after the song "HoundDog"was made.

Priscilla (Elvis future wife) came with Elvis twin-brother in 1959 to Goethestrasse 14, the family-home of Elvis Presley in Bad Nauheim.The occasion was a party for a school. Priscilla's birth-year was changed back a few years in1962-3, by a recording executive - so she had to wait to get married to Elvis.