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Syfy's HAVEN & CON OF DARKNESS Fall Season Launch w/Premiere Sept. 13th

San Diego CA (West Hollywood Today) 7/27/2013    
Eric Balfour and DJ Qualls

By Karen Ostlund

SyFy Network Show HAVEN and CON OF DARKNESS at Comic Con 2013.

HAVEN season 4 will premiere September 13th on the  Syfy  Channel, with Colin Ferguson from the beloved series Eureka, as a new cast member.
Colin Ferguson newcomer
fall season HAVEN, Syfy


International event producer A-List Communications produced two of the leading events at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con: eOne’s HAVEN cast, celebrity and fan fest,  and the annual genre themed extravaganza “CON OF DARKNESS,”

 The two events were co-hosted by Entertainment One (eOne), IFC Midnight, and MPI Dark Sky Films, along with, The Haunted Hotel, Femme Fatales and 
Emily Rose in Haven,
outside Sidebar
 Haven's fall season launch party, last Thursday was located  at Sidebar on 536 Market Street in San Diego, and featured the cast  mingling with fans and VIP’s - while  sipping on specialty drinks with compliments  of sponsor Wild Turkey bourbon.
Adam Copeland & Lucas Bryant

The story behind the one-hour drama “Haven” is based on the novel “The Colorado Kid” from the renowned author Stephen King :

FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker, played by Emily Rose arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine, on a routine case. She soon finds herself increasingly involved in the return of "The Troubles", a plague of supernatural afflictions that have occurred in the town at least twice before. With an openness to the possibility of the paranormal, she also finds a more personal link in Haven that may lead her to the mother she has never known.

Parker (Emily Rose) begins to realize that her arrival in Haven may have been planned and that her name and even her memories may not be her own. As the series progresses, she learns more about the mysteries of both Haven and her true identity.

She and her partner Nathan Wuornos, played by Lucas Bryant find themselves frequently facing problems caused by both the effects of the Troubles, as well as town folk who take more drastic measures again.

Eric Balfour is playing Duke Crocker, the port town's smuggler, who frequently is involved in the investigations. He is eventually revealed to have the power to stop individual Troubles for good, though at a very heavy price.
Wild Turkey bourbon sponsor
for Haven at Comic-Con
Nicholas Campbell  is part of the main cast, and played Garland Wuornos  in Season 1, Haven's hard-nosed chief of police, a veteran of The Troubles and Nathan's father.

Adam Copeland was Dwight Hendrickson in Season 2, who helped clean up the effects of the Troubles. He is himself Troubled (attracting bullets)

John Ratzenberger at Con
of Darkness at Voyeur
Colin Ferguson, best known as Sheriff Jack Carter for five seasons on the beloved series Eureka, will be headed to Haven once the new season premieres in September. Ferguson will play William, a “handsome, mysterious stranger, whose secret agenda” leads him to Audrey Parker (Emily Rose).
Catherine Annette, Jen Roa, Kristen DeLuca and Ashley Noel
 at the Con of Darkness at Voyeur Club
CON OF DARK-NESS party on July 19th at San Diego’s Voyeur  nightclub  featured celebrities from the partner sites and numerous films and shows, plus fantasy creatures including: a Swamp Thing, a Yeti, a goblin, zombies and nurses; various dismembered and hanging bodies and limbs in the ceiling of the club.
Con of Darkness horror themed buffet

Shattered glass cupcakes w raspberry blood

DARKNESS buffet also featured horror themed food:

Bloody Fingers: (Mozzarella sticks with marinara); Puking Pumpkin or Melon: Guacamole and chips; Eyeball Skewers: (Grapes and melon balls in a honey-lime dressing); Oozing Meat Balls (open-faced meatball sliders on a skewer with tomato ketchup); Intestines on a Bun (bacon-wrapped hot dogs with spicy beet sauce); and Shattered Glass Cupcakes and Raspberry Blood. 
Sponsors also included Hint Water.

Dennis Widmyer, Alex Essoe and Kevin Kolsch at the
Con of Darkness Launch party
Girlie monsters promoted The Haunted Hotel



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