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Latest Facts About China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival

  • Humane Society International, Beijing Mothers Against Cruelty and VShine submitted a petition in Beijing signed by more than 11 million people around the world.
  • By Karen Ostlund, source
Photos by AP Images for HSI

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Also read last year's (2015) story in this blog about Yulin Dog Meat Festival:
Activists Demonstrate in China to Shut Down Yulin dog Meat Festival

   Human Society of United States' ( team in Yulin (China) reported that the atmosphere in the Yulin city is tense, but so far evidence suggests reduced killing and less visible dog meat eating than in previous years. And today, the Yulin authorities set up road checkpoints to stop incoming trucks filled with dogs and cats, a key proposal that HSI and its partners in China have lobbied for. As many animals will have already been brought to Yulin, however, HSI urges the government to take more decisive steps such as shutting down the slaughterhouses. 
A dog meat dish during Yulin Dog Meat Festival
 Peter Li, China policy specialist for HSI, said from Yulin: "Yulin feels like a place that's holding its breath right now. Business was slow at the Dongkou animal market, and a dreadful slaughterhouse exposed by Humane Society International a couple of months ago was shut down when we returned yesterday. Another slaughterhouse we visited was open but we saw  no live animals. The word 'dog' has been painted out or covered with tape on several of the restaurants and slaughterhouses we saw, and a Yulin official told us that, contrary to what has been reported in some media, dog meat sales have in fact been declining continuously.
"We're still seeing market stalls and mopeds piled with the typical brown blowtorched bodies of dogs, but as yet nothing like the scale we feared. It's a muted Yulin for sure. The authorities seem nervous and are warning dog and cat traders not to engage with us and alerting government employees to stay away from the dog meat restaurants."
Dogs and cats arrive in cages to Yulin Dog meat festival
Under China’s "one certificate per dog" rules, all trucks shipping live dogs and cats across provincial boundaries are supposed to have an individual health certificate for each animal. Advocates with China Animal Protection Power, a coalition sponsored by HSI that since 2014 has rescued tens of thousands of dogs from these trucks, report that most truckers fail to conform to this national policy and have either no certificates or have produced fraudulent documents. They find the majority of dogs and cats are stolen pets or strays.

HSI undertook its own Yulin rescue mission this year, and saved 29 dogs (8 puppies) and five cats from a slaughter facility in the area.After the rescue, activists then transported the animals to a shelter where they were fed and evaluated and seen by vets before being prepared for adoption.While it is expected homes in China will be found for many of the animals, but some may be flown to the UK and the US for adoption. rescue in warehouse 29 dogs (8 puppies) + 3 cats  June 16 2016
Latest video on dog rescue, June 23 2016: Marc Ching, an American activist and owner of an organic pet food company, travelled to Yulin to recuse dogs kept in nearby compounds before the event. Watch This Guy Rescued 1,000 Dogs From China's Dog Meat Festival Video

Meanwhile, Chinese advocates from Humane Society International (HSI) were able to rescue animals in captivity that were going to be slaughtered for the feast ahead of the festival in Yulin. "Some of them wore collars", said Peter Li, China policy specialist at Humane Society International
" Over the past few years, as calls to end Yulin's dog meat event have gained momentum, local governments have responded by disassociating themselves from dog-eating festivals. "An unprecedented 8 million Chinese voted online in support of lawmaker Zheng Xiaohe's legislative proposal during the National People's Congress in March to ban the illegal dog and cat meat trade", Xinhua report said. 
Horror scene of cruelty at Yulin, dog beaten to death roped at a tree
World Dog Day Oct. 4 2015 Protest outside China's Consulate in LA
lead by "Dogs are friends-NOT food"

Lisa Vanderpump at MacArthur Park before 1000 people marched to China's
Consulate to protest Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Celebrities as Vanderpump (Bravo TV's Beverly Hills Housewives), Lewis and Warren (  inspire more animal lovers to take action and help find a way to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival for good. 
The local government has pledged to shut down the dog meat festival and animal rights group have urged the Yulin government to do more to stop dog killings. 
Domestic opposition continues to rise too, with The Independent reporting that a June petition addressed to Chinese President Xi Jinping was signed by more than 11 million people.
Market crowd during China's Yulin dog meat festival
The first day of Yulin festival (June 21st) on Jiangbin Road, "dog street" for the cluster of dog meat restaurants there, a line formed as people waited for  restaurants to start hanging their dog meat and prepare for dinner at 6 p.m. 
Dogs are not just pet-animals but also a popular delicacy for some people in China. Thousands of dogs are being held across Yulin and will be killed for the festival, HSI claims. "Like so many others, he (the dog) had probably been a household pet and was stolen from his family for this meat trade". In recent years, other dog meat festivals have been banned by Chinese authorities after protesters drew attention to them. More than 55 percent of respondents from Guangxi think the Yulin festival does not damage how China is perceived internationally, while more than 67 percent from outside Guangxi think the opposite. However, China's Food and Drug Administration has no legal certification system in place for dog or cat meat, meaning their sale violates food safety laws. 

Facts 2016: A new poll conducted by Chinese polling company Horizon, and commissioned by Chinese group China Animal Welfare Association in collaboration with HSI and Avaaz, found that most Chinese citizens want the Yulin festival to end, saying it blackens China’s image.
    • 64 percent support the end of the Yulin festival
    • 51.7 percent say the dog meat trade should be completely banned
    • 62 percent think Yulin damages China’s reputation
    • 69.5 percent have never eaten dog meat.
  • It’s not a traditional festival, it was only invented in 2010 by dog traders to boost profits.
  • Before the festival started, Yulin had no history of mass dog slaughter and consumption.
  • An estimated 30 million dogs a year are killed across Asia for their meat, some 10-20 million in China alone, and thousands die just for Yulin.
  • The World Health Organisation warns that the dog trade spreads rabies and increases the risk of cholera 20-fold.
  • Humane Society International, Beijing Mothers Against Cruelty and VShine submitted a petition in Beijing signed by more than 11 million people around the world.
Mercy For Animals, and are other organizations which support to shut down Yulin Dog/Cat Meat Festival forever.They marched for this cause at the LAPride Parade in West Hollywood June 11 2016.
LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood (USA) June 11 2016

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By Karen Ostlund
June 19 2016


    1995 Ferrari F50
In the lead up to this year’s event, June 25th and 26th in Santa Monica, (Barker Hanger) Auctions America displayed the 1995 Ferrari F50 and the 1969 Ferrari 365 GTC, at the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance, this Sunday June 19th.

1988 Porsche 959 ‘Komfort’
Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance in Beverly Hills, June 19th.
  •  Highlights:  1988 Porsche 959 ‘Komfort’ headlines docket of ultra-cool poster cars, including the Fiat 500L used by His Holiness Pope Francis during his 2015 New York tour, and the 1987 Ferrari Testarossa from ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Auctions America will take ‘California cool’ to a whole new level, offering a vast selection of poster cars and late-model collectibles at its annual Santa Monica sale, June 25-26. In just three years, the Auctions America event—held at the historic Barker Hangar has emerged as a staple on the SoCal collector car scene, offering vehicles perfectly matched to diverse Southern California tastes.

The latest star attraction for the June sale is a highly original 1988 Porsche 959 ‘Komfort’. Porsche’s first true “supercar”—a 200-mph road car of which only 329 were produced—the 959 was an instant success: rare, well-built, and extremely fast, all ingredients making it a highly sought-after collectible. Originally purchased in Germany by professional Porsche driver, Max Moritz, the featured 959 was imported to the U.S. by its second owner in 2001 and made legal to California guidelines. A well-preserved, well-documented ‘Komfort’ example, it comes to auction just two owners and 7,500 kms from new, accompanied by original tool kit, jack, spares and books (Est. $1,300,000 - $1,600,000). A short video of the 959 in motion is available for viewing here:
The 959 joins the previously announced Ferrari F50 at the Santa Monica saleanother coveted supercar with blistering performance and sleek design (Est. $1,800,000 - $2,100,000).

“This year’s Santa Monica sale has a particularly strong emphasis on high performance, late-model sports cars in direct response to client demand,” said Matt Malamut, Car Specialist, Auctions America. “In addition to the F50, we’re thrilled to have been entrusted with the sale of the Porsche 959. The experience of driving a 959 is unlike any other; it combines incredible sophistication that allows for both simple and effortless operation, with outstanding performance, great looks and comfort. The beautifully engineered AWD system sees the car track through canyon corners with ease and come out with the turbochargers soaring through the straightaways".
With a roster of some 300 cars slated for podium, Auctions America’s Santa Monica sale has no shortage of quality, blue-chip poster cars and late model collectibles. 
Saturday’s sale session (June 25) will see an example of the most iconic Ferrari of the 1980s, a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa, up for bids. One of no less than 20 Ferraris included in the sale lineup, this particular example, finished in white over tan, was used in the feature film Straight Outta Compton with Dr. Dre (played by Corey Hawkins) behind the wheel (Est. $130,000 - $150,000).
2006 Mercedes SLR McLaren
The catalog also includes a low-mileage 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary, finished in classic Rosso with contrasting tan leather interior (Est. $325,000 - $375,000); a 2000 BMW Z8, a stunning example of the model used in the 1999 James Bond film, The World is Not Enough (Est. $200,000 - $250,000); and a black-on-black 2006 Mercedes SLR McLaren, a true performance powerhouse, capable of sprinting 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds (Est. $240,000 - $275,000).

Catering to eclectic SoCal tastes, other standout lots for the Santa Monica sale will include:
·        a generously equipped 1969 Ferrari 365 GTC, expertly prepared for road use, touring and concours exhibitions (Est. $800,000 - $950,000);
·        an award-winning 1969 Corvette L88 427/430 Convertible, the recipient of a comprehensive frame-off restoration by L88 experts, resplendent in Burgundy with Black interior and tan soft-top (Est. $650,000 - $750,000);
·        an aero-inspired 1940 Packard Royal Streamliner Roadster; measuring over 31 feet in length, and equipped with a supercharged V-12 engine from a World War II Patrol Torpedo boat ($450,000 - $600,000);
·        a classic, yet contemporary 1952 Buick Custom – “Resilience”, finished in Blazing Copper (Est. $35,000 - $45,000); and,
·        a 2015 Fiat 500L used by His Holiness Pope Francis during his trip to New York City in September 2015; all hammer proceeds from the Fiat’s sale will go to the Archdiocese of New York, who will in turn donate the funds to support various Catholic charities (Est. $75,000 - $100,000, offered without reserve).

Formed in July 2010, Auctions America specializes in the sale of American Classics, European sports cars, Detroit muscle, hot rods and customs. Headquartered at the historic Auburn Auction Park in Indiana, Auctions America boasts an expert team of full-time vehicle specialists, who offer more than 150 years’ combined experience buying, selling, racing and restoring collector vehicles, making them uniquely qualified to advise on all aspects of the hobby. The company’s established roster of annual events are held in some of the country’s leading automotive destinations including Auburn, Indiana; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Santa Monica, California; and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.,  Twitter @auctionsamerica.

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11th Annual LA WineFest Returns June 25-26 in Hollywood

Photos by Karen Ostlund
(Link to more upcoming LA Wine events in bottom)

Los Angeles’ Signature Celebration of all Things Wine

Last year at Raleigh Studios

11th Annual LAWineFest returns to Hollywood with a new location, Sunset Bronson Studios for two epic days. 
It's the yearly festival of fine wine, artisan beer, gourmet foods fun.Hours will be: June 25 from 3pm-7pm and Sunday, June 26 from 2pm-6pm.

“Signature Celebration of all Things Wine” have attracted more than 5,000 enthusiasts over the years. 

 Participants will  be able to get close and personal with a wide variety of reasonably-priced artisan boutiques, gourmet foods, wine-related accessories and local lifestyle “must have” products. Sponsors are La Brea Bakery, Icelandic Glacial water, and Peerless Coffee will be on site, sharing their delicious products with all attendees.
LAWineFest 2015

Wine lovers will also have the rare opportunity to taste exclusive small-batch pours from hard-to-find boutique wineries at a small, additional fee. This year, the private area has been expanded to include 25 winery gems, due to overwhelming positive feedback and demand. Tickets are limited to a maximum of 400 people per day for this one-of-a-kind tasting. 

LAWineFest brings together wine newbies and aficionados in a relaxed environment 
with wine samples from around the world - plus our region's best boutique breweries!
Delicious food truck options, live music by Will and The Won'ts, and artisan booths.
The fest charity 2016 will be The Sunshine Kids Foundation. 
Be safe and use the fest partner Lyft for transportation to get home. Lyft offers a free ride (up to $40) for first time customer:
In addition, the LAWineFest Main Stage will feature entertaining, educational forums presented by recognized experts on a wide range of interesting topics, including mixology, winemaking and artisan beer brewing.
LA’s most popular gourmet food trucks, recommended by Gayot’s Top Ten List, will provide attendees with some of the most delicious, affordable food in Los Angeles.

General admission covers tastings, commemorative glass, event program, main stage shows, bottled water and vendor samples. Exhibitor products will be available for sale, 
as well as cuisine from some of the best food trucks in LA.
Dr. Joel M. Fisher during 10 Year
Anniversary of LAWineFest
The LAWineFest, in its 11th successful year, was founded in 2005 by renowned wine personality Dr. Joel M. Fisher. He has written for the Culinary Connection of the Chefs de Cuisine Association of California, for the Beverly Hills Courier, and since 2010 for the Underground Wine Letter. From 2007-2009 he taught at Cordon Bleu in Pasadena. Prior to that, he was the wine instructor for the Culinary Arts Department of the Art Institute of California 
This popular event blazed a trail in LA to bring wine and people together in a fun, inviting and accessible way. Now a local institution, LAWINEFEST is known to deliver a sun-kissed event that balances fun, exploration and education
2016 sponsors include Los Angeles Magazine, La Brea Bakery, Icelandic Glacial, Peerless Coffee and King Barrel.

There are many special offers online for this year's LA Winefest, one of them are L7:

Help choose which wineries take home top honors at the LAWineFest Popular Choice Awards.  
Your ticket includes a take-home logo glass and unlimited beverage tasting (plus bottled water, coffee and La Brea Bakery bread).

SATURDAY, June 25 or SUNDAY, June 26, 2016
Time: 3:00 to 7:00 PM Saturday or 2:00 to 6:00 PM on Sunday.
 Sunset Bronson Studios, 5901 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028
 Nearby metro: Sunset/Vine Station
Featured wineries LA WineFest 2016:
Ascension Cellars
Bekseju USA (Kooksoondang)
Caduceus Cellars
Clayhouse Wines
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Eagle Eye Wines
Fetzer Vineyards
Hartwell Vineyards
Los Angeles International Wine Competition
Lucky Dogg Winery
Navarro Vineyards
PRP Wine International
Quigley Fine Wines
Quintessential Wines
Rutherford Wine Company
San Antonio Winery
Scholassadler International Wines
Sleeping Indian Vineyard
Stella Artois
Temecula Valley Winegrowers Assoc.
Villa San-Juliette Vineyard & Winery
Vinemark Cellars
Vino Noceto Wines
Wedell Cellars
Wilson Creek Winery
 Over 60+ Pinot producers from around the world will be gathering in Los Angeles for an elite tasting event on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.
  Ticket info:
 From Champagne, France to the heart of the Russian River in Sonoma, from McMinnville Oregon to Casablanca Chile; from Burgundy to Santa Barbara 
and great vineyards in-between; wineLA is proud to announce their 2016 winery participants which includes Official Champagne Sponsor “Charles Heidsieck” (Yes, "Champagne" is made from Pinot), AVE Winery, AVV Winery Co, Balletto Vineyards, Breathless Wines, Bernardus Winery, Blair Estate, Brittan Vineyards, Cakebread Cellars, Casa Marin, Cellars 33, Center of Effort, Challen Winery, Clos Pepe Estate, Decoy, Dolin Family Cellars, Donelan, Domaine Nicolas-Jay, Ferrari-Carano , Flowers, Fog Crest Vineyard, FOXEN, Frank Family Vineyards, Goldeneye , Guarachi Family Wines, Hanzell Vineyards , Hope & Grace Wines, J. Lohr, Keller Estate, Le Cadeau, Mansfield-Dunne Wines, Migration, Niner Wine Estates, Rocky Point Cellars, Sonoma-Loeb Wines, Talley Vineyards, Temerity Vineyard, Testarossa, The Fifty by Fifty, The Hilt, Timbre Winery, Tolosa Winery, Westwood Annadel, Wrath. Event partners CHEFS WAREHOUSE distributors of all things tasty, and suppliers to some of the greatest restaurants in LOS ANGELES will be producing a luxury food show inside this event.  Guest Chefs will be invited to participate and enjoy the PINOT tasting at the same time.  Gourmet Cheeses from some of the nations top producers, Charcuterie by the best: Olympia Provisions from Oregon, Chocolate (can you say Val Rhona?) Truffles, Premium Olive Oils as well as our sponsor LA BREA BAKERY will be showcasing their best. Panel hosts and refined lifestyle experts will also be appearing for a luxury food panel (6:00pm VIP evening ticket holders) hosted by LA Restaurant Critic and Book Author Patric KUH - Author of   "Finding the Flavors We Lost: From Bread to Bourbon, How Artisans Reclaimed American Food”
More wine tasting events can be found at:

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The Broad Museum Presents Cindy Sherman Exhibit June 11 - Oct.8 2016

Cynthia Morris "CindySherman (born Jan. 19, 1954) is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits. In 1995, she was the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship. 
Photos by Karen Ostlund
Opening speech for Cindy Sherman: (Left) Curator
Philipp Kaiser, Joanne Heyler and Eli Broad.
LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2016—The Broad’s first special exhibition, Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life, opens this Saturday June 11, 2016 and will feature more than 120 works by the groundbreaking artist, including works never before seen in Los Angeles and large-scale site-specific wall murals.
The first major museum show of Sherman’s work in Los Angeles since 1997, the comprehensive survey is drawn primarily from the Broad collection, which has the world’s largest holdings of the artist’s work, with select loans from the artist and museums around the country. Organized by guest curator Philipp Kaiser and presented in the home city of the filmmaking industry, the exhibition showcases Sherman’s engagement with 20th century popular film and celebrity, drawing on cinema’s role in the shaping of identity and stereotypes.
The exhibition, which runs through Oct. 2, fills the museum’s first-floor galleries with an expansive representation of Sherman’s photographs from her four-decade career, spanning from 1975 to works completed this year. Playing a central conceptual role in the show are Sherman’s widely known Untitled Film Stills, in which the artist poses as her own model in a variety of nostalgic yet rigorously conceived scenes reminiscent of B-movies of the 1950s and 60s. 
Mademoiselle Covergirl art by Cindy Sherman 1975-2011
The exhibition highlights other major photographic series by the artist, including the centerfolds (1981), the fairy tales (1985), the history portraits (1989–90), the sex pictures (1992) and her clown pictures (2003–04). 
Also included is Office Killer, the 1997 comedy-horror feature film directed by the artist. Bookending the exhibition are major examples of Sherman’s connection to film. 

The exhibition opens with two massive full-wall murals—newly conceived by the artist for this exhibition—that reimagine Sherman’s 1980 rear-screen projection photographs, which were inspired by techniques and archetypes in midcentury cinema. The show closes with new photographs produced this year and never before seen in Los Angeles that focus on 1920s film publicity photos of aging starlets.
Entrance of Cindy Sherman exhibit at The Broad Museum

 “Dedicating The Broad’s first special exhibition to the work of Cindy Sherman points to the significance of her shape-changing, convention-disrupting work to visual culture generally, but also, on a more personal level, to the history of Sherman’s work in the Broad collection, a remarkable and defining commitment that stretches back almost 35 years,” said Joanne Heyler, founding director of The Broad. “Since first encountering her work in the early 1980s, Eli and Edye Broad have amassed a holding unparalleled worldwide.”

Sherman’s pioneering work combines photography and performance art. The artist is featured in nearly every work, depicting a range of media-influenced female stereotypes and personas, environments and guises. Shooting alone in her studio, Sherman serves as makeup-up artist, hairstylist, model, director and photographer. Her decades-long performative practice has produced many of contemporary art’s most iconic and influential images. Through her works, Sherman raises powerful questions about identity, representation and the role of images in contemporary culture. 

Cindy Sherman's art portraits of herself as clowns 2003-5
From screen siren and pin-up to socialite and businesswoman, the roles Sherman depicts through her monumental body of work provocatively engage with contemporary life’s mediated personas and stereotypes, drawing not only from art history but also from the histories of advertising, cinema and media.
(left) Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still 1979(right) Cindy Sherman, Untitled  1983

Guest curator Philipp Kaiser has assembled a comprehensive survey of Sherman’s entire career, drawing works primarily from the Broad collection with key contributions from Metro Pictures; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Menil Collection; and the Whitney Museum of American Art. 
Cindy Sherman art 1993

Kaiser is an independent curator, writer and teacher who previously served as the director of the Museum Ludwig, Cologne and has held curatorial positions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the Museum for Contemporary Art, Basel. He has organized large-scale exhibitions on art of the 1980s, Land Art, California Conceptualism and many individual presentations of artists’ work including Jack Goldstein, Bruce Nauman and Louise Lawler, among others.
“For over 40 years, Cindy Sherman’s work has moved within the discussion of identity and representation and, in doing so, has maneuvered through various mass-media contexts, among others cinema; its fictional suggestions and typologies have long since become a real ersatz-reality, an imitation of life,” said Kaiser. “Sherman’s early Untitled Film Stills as well as her rear projections refer explicitly to the cinema: stills, drawing from the existing format of the stationary image, which serves to publicize a film through its obtrusive, seductive allure as visual bait, as well as the rear projection, which was explicitly appropriated from the context of cinema.”
“Moreover, this explicitness, the direct proximity to the cinematic image, entails, beyond the deconstructive impulse of postmodernist photography, that the works contain a suggestive narrative potential,” Kaiser said. “In this way, the imitation of cinema and the imitation of life blur beyond recognition. Sherman’s decision to title her exhibition Imitation of Life moves toward enabling a distinct and specific perspective on her work, first in the title’s referring to Douglas Sirk’s well-known melodrama about a young girl’s identity crisis, and second because the concept of imitation seems essential to Sherman’s artistic practice.”

Historic portraits Cindy Sherman 1989
Exhibition Catalogue
A new extensive illustrated catalogue accompanies Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life and includes an essay from the exhibition’s guest curator Philipp Kaiser, an introduction by founding director of The Broad Joanne Heyler and a conversation between Cindy Sherman and Oscar-winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola. The book offers a fully illustrated, in-depth look at the complete holdings of Sherman’s work by The Broad, the largest such collection in the world. While offering art historical insights into Sherman’s iconic photographs, the catalogue also positions Sherman in the history of film. Drawing out connections between her technique and those of cinema, the catalogue traces a consistent filmic thread that extends from Sherman’s earliest work through the work she is making today. 9 x 11, 144 pages, 130 illustrations. Price: $49.95 (hardcover). Available at The Shop at The Broad.
Ticketing and Admission
The Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life special exhibition spans The Broad’s first-floor galleries from June 11 to Oct. 2, 2016. As part of The Broad’s special exhibition program, tickets for Cindy Sherman are $12 for adults and free for visitors 17 and under. Advance timed tickets to the Cindy Sherman special exhibition are available for purchase at Tickets are released on the first of each month for the following month. The Broad’s third-floor galleries continue to show selections from the Broad collection and remain accessible with free general admission tickets.Cindy Sherman exhibition tickets include same-day general admission to The Broad’s third-floor galleries. Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room at the entrance to the first-floor galleries will remain open during the run of the Cindy Sherman exhibition.

Historic art portraits art by
Cindy Sherman 1989

 Audio Tour
Accompanying the exhibition is an engaging audio tour produced by The Broad. Featuring interviews with artists in the Broad collection, including Sharon Lockhart and Jordan Wolfson, and celebrities who have been influenced by Cindy Sherman’s work, including actresses Jamie Lee Curtis, Molly Ringwald, Miranda July and Gaby Hoffmann, film director John Waters and Humberto Leon, creative director of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo, the audio tour helps visitors deepen their engagement with the exhibition. Visitors can access the tour by downloading The Broad’s free mobile app, accessible on Apple and Android smartphones or Wi-Fi–enabled portable electronic devices, in the app store.
Related Programming 
The Broad will host two major public programming series inspired by the Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life exhibition and other artists in the Broad collection.

Co-curated by independent curator and writer Bradford Nordeen and director of editorial operations at Pitchfork Brandon Stosuy, the Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings at The Broad series will be held one Saturday night a month through September and will occupy various spaces throughout the museum and public outdoor plaza. A constellation of musicians, performers and multimedia artists will take their thematic calling from the many guises of Cindy Sherman, as well as Pop art and works of the 1980s and 1990s that helped shape the underground, rave and downtown Manhattan cultures. The first program in the series, inspired by the Cindy Sherman special exhibition, will be held on June 25 and will feature Perfume Genius’s orchestrations and the ever-changing masked choreography of Narcissister. In the spirit of Sherman’s photographs, performance collective Mutant Salon will transform visitors’ hair, make-up and minds in a pop-up beauty parlor and hive for creative collaboration and self-care. Tickets to Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings also include access to the full museum and the special exhibition.

Cindy Sherman femme fatale 2016
Also curated by Bradford Nordeen, the Doll Parts film series will take place every other Thursday night throughout the summer in The Broad’s Oculus Hall. The film series is inspired by Cindy Sherman’s darker works and will examine the iconography of the artist’s photographic practice, showcasing influences, like minds and apparent heirs to her evolving body of work. Expanding on ideas present in Sherman’s work through an innovative program of international films, artists’ tapes and music videos, the film series will feature Sherman’s Office Killer, Douglas Sirk’s Imitation of Life (after which the Cindy Sherman exhibition was named), Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon, Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Hausu and more. Tickets to the Doll Parts films also include same-night access to the full museum and the special exhibition.


Tickets for Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings at The Broad and the Doll Parts film series will go on sale on the 15th of each month for the following month.
  • Tickets for June programs now on sale
  • June 15 at noon PT, tickets for July programs on sale
  • July 15 at noon PT, tickets for August programs on sale
  • Aug. 15 at noon PT, tickets for September programs on sale 
More information on programming  at
Cindy Sherman art 1983 and 1994
About The Broad
The Broad is a new contemporary art museum founded by philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles that opened on Sept. 20, 2015. The museum was designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro in collaboration with Gensler and offers free general admission. The museum is home to the 2,000 works of art in the Broad collection, which is among the most prominent holdings of postwar and contemporary art worldwide. With its innovative “veil-and-vault” concept, the 120,000-square-foot, $140-million building features two floors of gallery space to showcase The Broad’s comprehensive collection.