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The Gallery L.A. Couture Fashion for Spring 2014

Le Mali designs bridal gown

Photos & story by Karen Ostlund                                                        

L.A. Fashion Week 10th season (Spring/Summer Fashion 2014) was presented last October at Sunset Gower Studios, with title sponsor Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

The Gallery LA Spring  2014 Couture Evening Fashion featured: 
The models are wearing Le MaLi Couture gowns, with CEO/founder
The Gallery LA Mikey Koffman Le MaLi is a Los Angeles-based womenswear brand founded by Taraslith and Marlene Herrera in 2011 while they were in college. Le MaLi is a representation of the pair’s complementary design aesthetics. “Ma” is taken from Marlene’s name and “Li” is taken from Taraslith’s. Designed for the sexy and confident jet-setters, the Herrera sisters aim to create elegant, high-end pieces for all body-types.  Le MaLi design inspiration is drawn from old Hollywood with an emphasis on shape and embellished details.
Both sisters were chosen by Mikey Koffman — creator of LA Fashion Week — to showcase their collections at 2013’s LA Fashion Week. Taraslith was one of the three LA Fashion Week Competition runner-ups and Marlene was one of the two LA Fashion Week Competition winners for Best Collection.

Nathanaelle Couture

Nathanaelle Hottois & partner David Haines  designs are feminine, elegant, detailed yet classic on line skirts and straight cut jackets. 
Nathanaelle and David Haines wearing
their evening couture
The stretch white-black lace is sexy, form fitting, but classy on her pearl-lace suits and dresses.

This Spring 2014 collection is full of feminine silhouettes and complimentary designs for every woman’s curve.Her dresses and gowns can be worn to the gala, at work or on a first date. Nathanaelle  collection empowers the woman and makes her feel good about the way she looks.
Unique Vintage white
fringe flapper dress

“In the roaring 20s, the garments were glamorous and the women were elegant”.
Unique Vintage beaded
flapper dress
-If you just can’t get enough of the timeless fashions from this exciting era, Unique Vintage has a large selection of vintage-inspired art deco clothing.. The 1920s collection includes hand-beaded flapper dresses, fringe flapper dresses, flapper girl costumes, feather headbands, vintage-inspired shoes and a wide variety of other  accessories that will transform you into one of the sassy and classy ladies that you admire in the 1920’s photographs.

Shail K evening couture

Designer Kimi Verma was born in India, in the limelight city of Mumbai.  She began her journey by competing in the Miss Mumbai and Miss India pageants; and later she would become the next Miss Mumbai .
Shail K. Spring 2014
Kimi  became settled and set in motion to her design skills for shoes and dresses,  by creating dress lines independently and private labels for brands in the market.

She has offered consulting services for companies to market their products better and now after six years of successful fashion lines, Kimi  decided to launch her own line inspired by her mother
“Shail K”

Shail K. designs mix bold and jewel tones with intricate beading to create glamorous to very feminine pieces.  80% of the gowns are made of rich fabrics and are hand beaded.  
Nicole Lee's evening bags
in gold silver and black


Suzy Han, designer of accessories of is an artist at heart, and continues to launch her collection of fine handbags with chic details - quickly emerging as the "Nicole Lee Style."
Nicole Lee evening bags in white/black/gold
 w/studded details

 Her vision with Nicole Lee lies in creating custom high-end bags for women of all ages looking for high quality style and one-of-a-kind designs.
Suzy is a Korean American raised in Argentina, and her diverse designs come from her admiration for all cultures.She travels 6 months out of a year to Europe and Asia, in search of artistic inspiration and to oversee quality and perfect deliverance of her ideas.

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