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23rd Annual photo l.a. honored photographer Douglas Kirkland

23rd Annual International 
Photographic Art Exposition
photo l.a.
Opening Night Gala was
honoring  photographer Douglas Kirkland, and
benefiting Inner-City Arts, at LA Mart 
1933 S. Broadway, 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90007


Photographers and artists - Douglas Kirkland, John Baldassari, Catherine Opie, James Welling, Anthony Friedkin, Jay Mark Johnson, Ken O'Hara, Joann Callis, Ken Gonzales-Day

 Photos & story by Karen Ostlund
right, Douglas Kirklan in front of  photo John Travolta 1977
23rd Annual photo l.a (January 16-19th) honored iconic, award-winning photographer Douglas Kirkland at opening night gala yesterday, benefitting Inner-City Arts.

Kirkland was honored for his exceptional contributions to the photographic community. With his career spanning more than five decades, Kirkland has photographed over 2,000 subjects and more than 600 major celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie. His photographs can be seen in permanent collections of museums around the world and he has published several books including Freeze Frame,  Coco Chanel: Three Weeks, An Evening with Marilyn and the recently released monograph book on his career, A Life in Pictures.
People at PHOTO L.A.
photo l.a. is the acclaimed photographic art exposition celebrating its 23rd annual photography fair. photo l.a. 2014 will present its widest collaboration of photography yet, exhibiting works dating from the 19th century, up through the most cutting edge contemporary photo-­based art. Known for its dynamic programming, photo l.a. will once again spearhead a unique series of lectures, roundtable discussions, and docent tours as a valuable supplement to its exhibitions.
The opening night gala was benefiting the local nonprofit arts organization Inner-City Arts, an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity for students in Los Angeles.

During visits, students work with professional teaching artists in well-equipped studios, receiving hands-on instruction in a range of subject areas within the visual, performing and media arts. This unique approach to arts education bridges the gap between the studio and the classroom while measurably improving academic and personal outcomes for children and youth, including those students with Limited English Proficiency who are at risk of academic failure.
Annie Leibovitz photos from 1967
Acclaimed as a showcase for the best in the photographic arts, photo l.a. continues to be one of the most dynamic and energized art fairs in the world.
Bert Stern's contact sheet of Marilyn Monroe Vogue 1962
   Since 1992, over 300 galleries, private dealers and publishers have participated and exhibited at photo l.a. More than 200 lectures, panels and collecting seminars have been presented. photo l.a.’s rich and distinguished history has influenced the transforming art/photography landscape of Los Angeles. Many important artists have been introduced to the public at photo l.a. and we are honored to have played a crucial role in the cultural life of Los Angeles.

With over 10,000 visitors photo l.a. is the best platform for meeting with collectors, curators and artists in Los Angeles.
Jean-Gabriel Barthelemy Versailles 1952
Featured Exhibiting Galleries

Cirrus Gallery - Cirrus Gallery, a Los Angeles­-based print workshop, publisher and gallery, is a welcomed addition to photo l.a. 2014. Cirrus shows a diverse range of mediums, with a special focus on photo and technology-enhanced work. Some of the artists they will show at photo l.a. this year include John Baldessari, Brice Bischoff, Brassaï, and Steven Criqui.  
John Baldessari mixografia print
on handmade paper

Hous Projects -­ New York City's Hous Projects will exhibit again at photo l.a. 2014, bringing seven contemporary artists -­- including Tara Bogart, Alison Brady, F & D Cartier, and Klaus Enrique -­- primarily exhibiting photography and video works adding a collaborative and intermedia approach to the contemporary scene.  

 Jancar Gallery -­ Los Angeles based Jancar Gallery joins this year's photo l.a., bringing leading works of contemporary photography, vintage photography and video. Jancar Gallery represents the local art culture of Los Angeles showing artists such as Micol Hebron, Robert Cumming, Ilene Segalove, Tricia Lawless Murray and more.


Louis Klaitman Louis Klaitman has been active in the photographic art community for over 25 years specializing in vintage and contemporary photographs. Klaitman will be showing artists including Beckwith and Fisher, Sally Gall, Annie Leibovitz and Ellot Porteer, among many others at photo l.a. 2014.  
Kevin Spacey at old Vic theatre London, 2005
George Lawson Gallery - The San Francisco based George Lawson Gallery is best known for its showcases featuring a dynamic international roster of contemporary artists from emerging to mid-career level. At photo l.a. 2014 George Lawson Gallery will be exhibiting photo-based works by artists including Tama Hochbaum, Susan Mikula and Jennah Ward.

Photo by Sid Avery, Frank Sinatra, 1954
 in recording studio
Monroe Gallery of Photography - AIPAD member from Santa Fe, NM, Monroe Gallery of Photography represents classic black & white photography with an emphasis on humanist and photojournalist imagery. The gallery features work by more than 50 renowned photographers in addition to representing a select group of contemporary and emerging photographers like Eddie Adams, Robert Capa, Bill Eppridge, Yuri Kozyrev and many others.

Smith Andersen North - San Francisco based Smith Andersen North gallery will show established and emerging artists focused on twentieth-­century and contemporary fine art photography. Some of these well-known photographers include Daido Moriyama, Paul Caponigro, Philip Hyde, Benjamen Chinn and William Heick.  
Uber editions


Featured Programming this weekend January 18-19th
Saturday, January 18, 2014

So You've Formed a Collection, What Now? (Panel Discussion)
Weston Naef (Panel Moderator; Curator Emeritus and Founding Curator, Department of Photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum) along with Stephanie Smith (Curator, Wilson Centre for Photography), Justin Fiset (Artist; Independent Collection Manager), Gawain Weaver (Independent Photo Conservator) explore the question: What is a collection and how does one maintain it? 
Time: 11:30am-1:00pm

 A Fifty Year Love Affair with Photography: A Life in Pictures (Keynote by Douglas Kirkland)
Douglas Kirkland has been photographing for over five decades, exploring his passion in the discovery of beauty that never wavers. Photography has been his bride, his companion, his lover, and his confidante throughout his multifaceted career. Kirkland is best known for his celebrity portraits, but the scope of his work is far wider: his portraits go far beyond the physical appearance of his subjects and capture the very essence of their being with disarming honesty and sensuality."
Time: 1:30pm-3:00pm

The Reproductive System (Panel Discussion)

This panel will discuss photographic reproduction and its changing relationship to contemporary art. Through a series of case studies on the work of Tino Sehgal & Stanley Brouwn, artists who prohibit the reproduction of their work, the phenomenon of "burning" a work on the secondary market, come into investigation relative to the broader economy. Matthew Thompson (Director of Collection Development and Exhibition Support, LACMA) will moderate this panel.
Time: 3:30 - 5:00pm

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sex and Fashion (Panel Discussion)

This panel, presented by Joe Zee (Creative Director, ELLE Magazine), discusses the blurred lines of sexuality and what is accepted as appropriate in the world of fashion photography.
Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm 

Moving Still, The Art of Gabriel Figueroa: A Legacy of Images, From Cinema to Stills 

(Panel Discussion)
For decades, Gabriel Figueroa has been known internationally as one of the greatest innovators in the medium of black and white cinema. So powerful and universal are his images that today he is reconsidered as a master maker of both the moving and the still image. Currently the subject of a major LACMA exhibition, this panel, featuring Gabriel Figueroa, Rita Gonzalez (Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, LACMA) and moderated by Michael Donnelly (Producer and Curator of Film, Photographer), will explore Figueroa's historic importance, as well as the technical aspects of the transformation of the master's motion to still images, with his son Gabriel Figueroa Flores, photographer and archivist.

Time: 1:30 - 3:00pm 

Photographic Fictions: Technology and the Digital Document (Panel Discussion)
Natalie Bookchin (Photography and Media Faculty, CalArts; Artist) and Ken Gonzales-Day (Professor of Art, Chair of the Art Department, Scripps College; Artist) will discuss their work in relationship to technology, from digital manipulation and online publishing to large archives and social media. Bookchins video installations often draw their source material from social media and video-sharing sites, exploring shared language, gestures, and narrative tropes. Gonzales-Day alters found images and objects to raise questions about racial violence and historical memory. Both bodies of work reflect on documentary practice and push at the boundaries of the digital document. Topics may include: fair use, authorship, archives, photographic truth, alternative constructions of documentary practice. 
Time: 3:30-5:00pm
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