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Organic Spa Magazine's Skincare Launches 2015 at Westcoast Wellness Expo

Organic Skincare Launches, Resorts and Fashion for 2015:
Organic Spa Magazine presented the latest of Organic Skincare 2015 at the one-day-only
“West-Coast Wellness Experience Expo” at Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, October 28th 2014.
Photos & story by Karen Ostlund
The Women behind Organic Spa Mag. Expo:Aimee Furio, Ivy Garrigan, Rona Berg, Bev MaloneyFischback, Lisa Chapman Carbery,w Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O’Dell

Organic Spa Magazine offers today the Eco-conscious consumer a new way of living, thinking and being. Every issue provides readers with insight and expert advice on organic beauty & skin care, health & wellness, fitness & food, Eco design and green travel.
The magazine presented a wide range of new and upcoming organic skincare lines for 2015 at the West Coast Wellness Experience Expo at Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills last October 28th.
Organic Spa Magazine had expo-attendees visit their Visual Meditation Room featuring award-winning filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg’s display of landscape imagery, and enjoy a glass of wine in-between presentations.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills
The Peninsula Beverly Hills Spa announced the global debut of the revolutionary Wellness Wave massage technology. The massage is suited to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
The Wellness Wave’s patented technology enhances the therapeutic benefits of rapid relaxation, pain relief, cellular detoxification and endorphin release.
The Peninsula Beverly Hills presentation included a Mini Oxygen Facial to boost your skin’s vitality and glow with medical grade ingredients combined with rare Alpine Organics, which deliver unparalleled cell-renewal, damage repair and nutrients to the skin.
Nubian Heritage new Patchouli & Buriti bath

Nubian Heritage
Nubian Heritage featured their new Nubian Heritage Patchouli & Buriti Bath, Body & Massage Oil and Hand & Body Scrubs.
Guided by the legacy of ancient Nubia, the world’s first melting pot, Nubian Heritage remixes global healing traditions, cultural wisdom and indigenous ingredients to create modern natural solutions for skin and hair with certified organic, ethically sourced ingredients. Nubian Heritage is dedicated to making cultural exchange the model for transforming the global community.

Stylist Sarah Paulson for Eileen Fisher Clothing
EILEEN FISHER’s latest collection, is expertly styled by Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Sarah Paulson. A pioneer in eco-friendly fashion, EILEEN FISHER has been creating effortlessly chic clothing for the past 30 years with pure shapes and fine fabrics to offer sophistication, comfort and style that lasts. 
In 2014, the company launched its first boutique concept store, The Fisher Project in Los Angeles, which offers a more edgy, modern and contemporary collection.
EILEEN FISHER’s new Urban Life Collection features sophisticated, soft fabrics inspired by athletic wear that will take you from breakfast to evening, no outfit change required.

Golden Door
 Golden Door
On the heels of the launch of its gourmet Golden Door Artisan Foods line, Golden Door announced its brand-new Beauty & Skin Care collection. Today’s best-seller the Blood Orange Marmalade is part of Organic Artisan Food and non-GMO and all natural. Their food line is vegan, gluten – and soy-free. Your first and last impression of Golden Door’s jams is the taste of vine or tree ripened fruit.
Signature treatments: Golden Door Signature Hand Treatments Experience or the Yuzu Hand Treatment. - Both treatments calm the mind & body and leave skin remarkably smooth and supple all day long. Golden Door’s signature Hinoki aromatic blend promotes deep relaxation and grounding benefits while its Yuzi blend provides a potent remedy for dry, sun-damaged or mature skin.

IKOVE  hand treatments at Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills
Certified organic by ECOCERT, IBD/IFOAM and USDA Organic.
 IKOVE has searched the Brazilian rainforest and studied indigenous Amazonian therapeutics in its quest to create the finest, most healthful, natural personal care products, and believes in creating opportunities for local communities of the Amazon to preserve natural resources, keep rainforests alive and protect the Earth: Their 3 step program:
(1)Face Detox Purification and Deep Cleanse with Amazonian white clay for maximum pore purification or the moisturizing Açai Chocolate Facial Exfoliate to help reduce the signs of aging;   (2) Daily Face Enhancer and Antioxidant Enricher – IKOVE Organics Facial to nourish, firm and tone the skin; or (3) Foot and Hand Deep Relaxation treatment with luxurious IKOVE Hand Savior Cream and Revigorating Legs Cream.
Kari Gran Skincare
Kari Gran
Kari Gran was founded in 2011, and  is a luxurious all-natural skin care brand that provides a simple, elegant and clean solution for everyday beauty. In addition to its signature plant oil-based skin care system, Kari Gran also offers all-natural mineral makeup – all paraben and toxin free and hand-created in small batches from its Seattle headquarters.
Kari Gran Skincare make you create your own custom moisturizer, by blending Essential Serum with mineral foundation for your perfect shade, color your cheeks with Peony Blush or dab on some Lip Whip for a moisturizing boost.
Riviera Maya Skin Care

Riviera Maya
Nestled between the jungle and Caribbean Sea on the coast of Quintana Rao, Mexico is the Riviera Maya, one of the world’s most desirable spa & wellness destinations.
Experience the thrill of discovering unexplored lands, world-class hospitality, au naturel Mayan healing therapies, and multi-day detox and boot camp programs for a true-to-its-roots organic getaway.
Riviera Maya is well known for its Foot Exfoliation Treatment of tired feet with an exotic foot mask comprised of Mayan honey, oat flakes and Mexican cocoa.

The Organic Face Cosmetics

            The Organic Face
The Organic Face is dedicated to creating 100 percent chemical-free, organic skin care and cosmetics using active botanical ingredients and minerals. Developed by Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert Noreen Diani, the company’s mission is to create beauty products that are as safe for you on the inside as they are for your skin on the outside. Naturally preservative and irritant free, its pure mineral cosmetics are weightless, long wearing, and protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Vana Retreats
Vana, Malsi Estate is an iconic wellness retreat that explores each aspect of well-being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The 21-acre estate is located in Dehradun, India near clusters of reserve sal forest with the hills of Mussoorie to the north and the bustling small town of Dehradun to the east.                 Bringing together Ayurveda, sowa rig-pa, yoga, natural therapies, spa, fitness and aqua, the retreat provides many paths to begin the journey toward greater personal well-being.
Mindful Meditation was offered by with Felix Lopez, Former Buddhist Monk at Vana Retreats booth.
Felix uses a combination of Buddhist psychology, meditation and energy healing to help you become more present.

Spa4The Pink is a non-profit organization that cultivates “being-ness” for human beings who have experienced cancer. The organization help individuals make sustained well-being lifestyle choices by having love and compassion for themselves.
Shankara Skincare
Shankara blends together a product line that uses the best from both the ancient eastern science of Ayurveda and the western state-of-the-art, anti-aging science to create groundbreaking, all-natural products that balance from within.
Socially responsible, 100 percent of the company’s profits are donated to humanitarian projects worldwide.
Shankara offered a Foot Relief Eye Rescue treatment to smooth, stimulate, energize, deeply cleanse and richly moisturize tired feet with a reviving dosha balancing foot massage, and an
Eye Rescue treatment to brighten eyes with a cooling cucumber, pomegranate, and hazelnut oil  to reduce puffiness and dark circles and soften wrinkles

Pier South Resort
Pier South Resort is an eco-friendly showcase of clean design and redefined textures, situated on the sand in the popular surfing destination of San Diego’s Imperial Beach. With an in-house spa and wellness lifestyle center – D’ames Spa – guests can enjoy Southern California activities from beach yoga to a pampering coconut sugar scrub overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Pier South Resort therapist offered massage of scalp, neck, shoulder, forearm, and hand massage with Epicuren skin care and their own spa products.
Dahliana Skincare Naturals ingredients
Dahliana Skincare
The new generation of natural skin care. Through years of scientific research and clinical experience, Dahliana Skincare’s founder has designed each individual mixture with a combination of powerful key ingredients to repair and protect your skin. Each batch is blended from the freshest, most lively and pure ingredients to create a symbiotic effect providing nutrition and penetrating the deepest layers of your skin. Dahliana Skincare products are chemical, GMO, paraben and sulfate-free.
Strip down to your natural beauty with the world’s first COSMOS (Cosmetics Organic Standard) certified Organic Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipe from Natracare, a leading brand in organic and natural feminine hygiene. Organically formulated and free from harmful chemicals, Natracare Organic Cleansing Make-Up Removal Wipes gently and effectively remove waterproof and regular makeup while moisturizing skin. COSMOS sets a standard for organic cosmetics and brings together five certifiers: BDIH, Soil Association, Ecocert, ICEA and CosmeBIO.

- Dermatological tested for all skin types, they are non-irritating and formulated for sensitive skin.
Now women can get a hold of a fantastic make-up wipe that is completely different from anything else they have been using,” said Susie Hewson, Founder, Owner and Developer of Natracare.      “We are not just providing women with a make-up removing product that is easy and effective, but also the purist of its kind, removing any doubt in their minds about what they are using on their face.”

“With the use of questionable synthetic chemicals, many leading make-up removers may lead to clogged pores, dry or greasy skin caused by chemical residuals and even damaged and irritated skin,” explained Susie Hewson. “But, unlike conventional make-up removers, Natracare’s high quality and organic credentials, guarantees full traceability from the natural raw plant ingredients, through processing and into the pack, just as you would expect for certified organic food. This ensures that women have the most natural and best possible certified organic product to remove their makeup and cleanse their skin.”

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is an award-winning Southern California luxury retreat situated on 220 tree-shaded acres just an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. Surrounded by the inspiring Topa Topa Mountains, Ojai Valley Inn’s 31,000 square foot Spa Ojai is the focal point of this serene resort village, which includes two pools, a fully-equipped workout room, Mind and Body Studio, Spa Boutique, and Artist Cottage and Apothecary.

Incredible India
Home to ancient philosophies, a rich tapestry of history, a dynamic performing arts scene, phenomenal food and a spectacular mix of landscapes, India stirs the soul like no other place on Earth. The remarkable diversity is what makes it such a rewarding destination to visit. India is the birthplace of three major health & wellness ideologies and the premier destination for holistic healing of body, mind and soul.
Napz natural sleep aid

NapzTM is an all-natural, short-term sleep aid, which enables sleep-deprived consumers to relax and awake refreshed. The product was created out of necessity.
Napz CEO and mother of two, Brandi Maxwell was having trouble with sleeplessness due to her hectic schedule. She needed a non-habit forming solution that would allow her to wake up alert without the groggy "hangover" from other sleep aids if her children needed her. After finding no relief with available over-the-counter products or prescriptions, she set out to create a natural blend, on her own.
Maxwell assembled top pharmacologists, chemists and nutritionists to create an effective and natural solution. Her team of experts created a proprietary blend of herbs including chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm. The ingredients in Napz, widely accepted for centuries for their calming properties, are sourced from Europe where products are held to the highest standards of safety and efficacy. The unique blend comes in individual-dose packets that easily dissolve in liquid and have a subtle hibiscus flavor.
Carla Teran dressed in Fifth Dimension Clothing
Fifth Dimension Clothing
Luxury Casual Wear with a Conscience. Conceived by Carla Teran, Fifth Dimension Clothing is committed to creating beautiful clothing crafted with sustainable, organic and up-cycled fabric. Get inspired by the latest organic collection from Fifth Dimension Clothing at:
Lucile-green-top w pants, Anatomie

Anatomie creates redefined, modern lifestyle clothing with a playful sensibility, which epitomizes the personality and style of its founders, Kate and Shawn Boyer. The foundation of its collection is the utilization of European high-performance “technical” fabrics that are durable enough to meet the demands of extreme sports yet luxurious enough to go from play to work and work to evening.

Aura Cacia
Founded in 1981 and based in Urbana, Iowa, Aura Cacia provides consumers with natural and organic personal care products made with high-quality essential oils. Aura Cacia fulfills consumers’ desires for comfort, health and safety in personal care products by combining the benefits of aromatherapy with practical products that can be used every day by the whole family. Aura Cacia is a registered brand of Frontier Co-op.TM

Ayushi Woods
The first company in its industry to be the official sponsor for the Northeast Organic Farmers Association, Ayushi Woods looks at the bigger picture regarding sustainability.
All the daily business decisions at Ayushi revolve around promoting awareness about the benefits of organic farming and preserving the natural resources of our beautiful planet.
Ayushi is organic, vegan, cruelty-free Ayurvedic-based products, which come straight from the lush farms nourished by the tropical climate of the state of Kerala,India.
Prasad Krishnan, Founder said: “I was born and raised in Kerala,India . With Ayushi, I want to open a 'portal'  for everyone to travel to my homeland and experience the gifts of nature”. “We are also the first company in the personal care industry to be the official sponsors of the Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) and helped raise over $15,000 for organic farmers in a 5k event held last month”.                      Our guide-lines are:
·  Vegan 
·  USDA organic certified
·  GMO-Free
·  100% natural and free from any Parabens, Petroleum, Formaldehyde, PEGS, artificial color, synthetic fragrance and animal testing.
·  PETA certified (No Animal Ingredients/ No Animal Testing).
·  Suitable for all skin types.
·  Completely handmade   

Cha-No-Ka-dolci-giapponesi green tea
Cha No Ka is a decadent cookie, a “macaron of the East” that infuses Japanese tea tradition into a classic French langue de chat. Cha No Ka is made with high quality Okoicha green tea sourced from an historic plantation in Uji-Shirakawa, Kyoto, Japan – the birthplace of the Japanese traditional tea ceremony. The delicate, vibrant green tea wafers wrap perfectly around a layer of white chocolate.

CHIA DERM+, a skin and hair care line featuring chia seeds and a unique blend of natural ingredients, is a product of the Houston-based company, The Chia People, LLC.

EO Products
EO Products puts the same care into responsible business practices as it does into crafting natural and organic personal care products that people love. Made with pure essential oils, EO formulations are indulgent to the senses and naturally aromatherapeutic. All of products are all natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and cruelty-free, and the company sources organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible.

Gaelle Organic
Gaelle Organic is for women who are cultivating timeless beauty. Dedicated to the authentic, certified by Ecocert and registered in the EU, Gaelle Organic’s skincare generates results that speak for themselves.

Truth, independence, minimalism and sustainability. These are the core principles of the Immunocologie brand. Immunocologie is the developer of the world’s first line of immune-conscious treatments. Each product was formulated to provide clients with a skin care experience that not only meets the rigors of their daily routines but also celebrates a well-curated lifestyle crafted around a simple narrative: the never ending pursuit of personal refinement and discovery.

Jurlique began with a passion to produce the purest, most effective skin care on Earth. The company has dedicated almost 30 years to growing organic ingredients on its Australian farm, and it applies advanced technologies to create its potent botanical formulations. The result: healthy, beautiful skin.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals is the pioneer in advanced, bioactive, natural skin care with professional results. Its progressive 360-degree approach to beauty provides clean, conscious and comprehensive skin care products. MyChelle formulas are packed with peptides, plant stem cells, and clinically proven dermatological ingredients that enhance skin’s natural appearance.
omega3 Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals
Nordic Naturals is dedicated to helping you live a healthy, vibrant, extraordinary life. With its commitment to sustainable fishing practices and research-driven formulas, Nordic Naturals delivers the purest omega oils for you, your family and even your pet companions!

Plantlife Natural Body Care
Plantlife, an aromatherapy company, creates products that blend science and nature using “old world” formulas combined with the timeless science of aromatherapy & herbology. Made in the USA since 1994.

Dr. Scheller USA
Vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, BDIH certified natural skin care made in Germany. Dr. Scheller takes the highest quality and sustainable, pure plant ingredients such as argan oil, pomegranate, rose and schisandra to the next level for anti-aging results you can see and feel.

Hand-harvested from the cold, clean Canadian Pacific Ocean, Seaflora’s nutrient rich, all-natural wild seaweed products are packed with vitamins and minerals from its exotic underwater garden off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Seaflora offers healthy, natural choices for head-to-toe skin care.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions
ALPENRAUSCH Certified Organic skin care is the first cosmetic line in the world to bear the Official Seal of COSMOS-ORGANIC. Its 23 products for the face and body, from the makers of Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions, are formulated to help repair and support skin’s natural functions. The ALPENRAUSCH line was created with a combination of traditional skin care ingredients and unconventional components from the Bavarian Alps such as edelweiss and alpine skullcap.
STAMBA Superfoods in gel capsules
STAMBA creates select organic super-food blends to enrich life through the pure power of nature. Its elegant and elemental packaging is an invitation to experience a new level of what is possible from nutritional supplementation and where we should look to find it. Philanthropy, sustainability and environmental stewardship are an intrinsic part of everything STAMBA does.
Asa, Founder – STAMBA Super-foods LLC  explained:
‘We are a small, growing company at the forefront of the nutrition industry – offering the benefits of our select, certified organic, true super-food blends. Our strong core values of quality, transparency and sustainability carry through everything we do and create”.
STAMBA have been recognized as one of "10 Natural Brands to Watch" by New Hope Media, as well as were recognized with a "2014 Delicious Living Supplement Award" in the Best New Product category, yet remain widely undiscovered by media.

Susie Frazier Art
For over fifteen years, Susie Frazier has created earth-minded designs that bring a sense of organic tranquility to environments in which a sustainable, grounded lifestyle is valued. Through an innate love of rugged textures and repeating patterns, Frazier has turned abandoned, weathered materials into a wide variety of rustic modern products including home accents and fashion accessories made of reclaimed wood and found objects in nature.

Z Skin Cosmetics
A 100 percent organic-based skin care line, Z Skin Cosmetics uses exotic herbs and oils sourced from around the world: Japan, Australia, Hungary and Africa. With these global traditions to looking young, healthy and beautiful packed into one skin care line, the results are unprecedented, and the proof is in its customers!
Healthy Living expert Elissa Fisher Harris for Nubian Heritage


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