Friday, July 17, 2015

Health, Fitness & Skincare Launches at Aesthetic Everything ESPY Lounge 2015

By Karen Ostlund
The gifting suite featured rising brands of sport and fitness, electronics, food/beverage,anti-aging, health and beauty.

Aesthetic Everything, an industry leader in the networking, promotion and press for aesthetic, anti-aging and beauty companies, brands, and professionals along with BG Sports Enterprises, one of the nation's premiere sports branding agencies,produced the BGSE AE Celebrity Gifting Suite last Tuesday July 14th, 2015 at Project LA Club in Hollywood. 
JBIT MedPro, is designed to help strengthen the core and upper and lower extremity muscles, resulting in relief of shoulder, back, hip and knee pain.
Presenting sponsor was Neograft, the “State-of-the-Art” Solution for Hair Loss.
NeoGraft is a game-changer for the hair loss industry with its revolutionary, minimally invasive hair transplant machine that gives natural looking results. That means tedious hair transplant surgery with scalp-cutting and staples is a thing of the past. 

For sport injuries and even old age, knee and hip replacement surgery can become obsolete with newer, regenerative solutions such as tautologous (from yourself to yourself) stem cell treatments and platelet rich plasma treatments. Healeon Medical provides state-of-the-art medical devices to assist in harvesting these cell composites for treatments. Healeon Medical and has become the standard of care for many clinicians. One of their products, the CENTRIcyte 1000, helps extract 4 to 6 times more stem cells from the same amount of adipose (fat) tissue than any other system on the market.

Skincare is no stranger to stem cell technology and human growth factors in skincare are becoming more and more prominent. Growth factors are a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, healing, and repair.
Supermodel/business mogul Kathy Ireland, who grew up in California, is the face of The NuGene Collection. The NuGene skin care collection is formulated with multiple human growth factors, polypeptides, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that will help reduce signs of aging, restore skin and improve luminosity.
mybody skincare
From stem cells to probiotics.mybody skincare products are products powered by probiotics and a patented lipid-based bio-emulsion delivery system. Their topical probiotic bioactives are shown to mimic a wound-healing response without the typical insult or injury to skin - which is considered a key contributor to cellular degradation.
Topical probiotics are non-living molecules from body-friendly bacteria with skin enhancing properties that actually boost immunity, and can rehydrate skin and increase oxygen. Mybody products include cleansers, moisturizers, brighteners, exfoliates, and a sunscreen and are all free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates and gluten.

 BTL Vanquish machine for reducing fat around the mid section and upper thighs, with no pain or downtime. The machine uses heat energy in the form of radio frequency, it generates heat within the fat cells and causes death of the fat cells. With numerous treatments, you metabolize those fat cells out. On average, patients see results within 8-10 weeks after the 4th treatment.  BTL Vanquish machine can be found here in LA at LEIF ROGERS, MD in Beverly Hills

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All invited guests left with a handful of gifts ranging from apparel, sports training equipment, skincare, beauty and health products, accessories, clothing, and more from a variety of high-end brands. Southpaw the movie was present at the event and had a unique activation on site!​
Brands at the suite included: Pain Free Therapy Group, Neograft, SKR Apparel, Aquahydrate, Global Vodka, Cliff Bar, Figueroa Mountain Brewing, Zephyr Hats, Mana Healthcare Solutions, Nugene, BTL Aesthetics, Dope, Powercrunch, Vitargo, MyBody Skin Care, Bare Snacks, Rock God, Book A Tailor, Naranjo Cigars, Dice the Barber, Body Works Massage, Hoosca, Energice, Contraband Hats, Loaded Dock,BabyFootUSA and Healeon.
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Guests also received fromThe Aesthetic Everything Network, a beautiful gift bag with Dr. Traci Williams $300 facial gift certificates, Pencil Me in CosmeticsiSkyn, and Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator Herbal Enhanced Nasal Spray. -
Aesthetic Everything also had 3 doctors in attendance to greet the athletes and celebrities. In attendance were Dr. Stephen RonanDr. Luis H. Macias and Dr. Leif Rogers (representative).
Food ​was provided by and​
Music was provided by Celebrity child DJ, DJ Kiss.​
Two piece male bathing-suit by

Powercrunch protein nutrition in bottle or powder.

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