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Art Hearts Fashion Fall 2016 Runways: Responsive Textiles, Yhta'k Designs, Rene Tyler, Koco Blaq, Joshua Christensen & Mister Triple X

By Karen Ostlund
(Hollywood, California)
Art Hearts Fashion brought ready-to-wear collections center stage at third day of Fashion Week, 
March 16 2016
Art Hearts Fashion's second day of renowned fashion shows brought edge, bold prints, and playful silhouettes to Hollywood at The Taglyan Complex. 
Sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Tuesday's shows featured men and womenswear with a 6 designer showcase including: RESPONSIVE TEXTILES, Yhta'k Designs, Rene Tyler, Koco Blaq, Joshua Christensen, and Mister Triple X. 
 Supermodel Janice Dickenson made an epic return to the runway closing out the evening in Mister Triple X. Celebrity models Jimmy Q, Alex Minksy, ANTM Alumni Mame Adjei and Kiara Belen also walked the runway for Art Hearts Fashion founder Erik Rosete for Mister Triple X.            
RESPONSIVE TEXTILESRESPONSIVE TEXTILES opened the showcase with their AW16 collection that explores the world of Fritz Lang's silent film Metropolis (1927). With the stark drama that is characteristic of German Expressionism, this collection pays homage to the cinematic masterpiece.
With the stark drama that is characteristic of German Expressionism, this collection pays homage to the cinematic masterpiece. It is a story of contrasts being mediated into balance: Light versus darkness, air versus weight, man versus machine. This is Monumental Silence.

Responsive Textiles

Yhta'K (ya-tay) Designs
Yhta'K (ya-tay) Designs is a new clothing line company in Los Angeles, which is offering clothing for both men and women. Fashion Designer, Katherine Walker of Yhta'k designs was showcasing a timeless collection in memory of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Originally from Chicago, while listening to "Thriller" in her home design studio in 2012, she was inspired to design a full collection across her lines (Katherine Marie, Madame Marie, and MJW) to mirror Michael's style of dress. The pieces are a bit edgy with a touch of class in lace, full-leather, and satin Contemporary-Better silhouettes.

Joshua Christensen mens
butterfly shirt 
w/high leather belt

Left, designer Yhta'K with model wearing a leather dress 
Joshua Christensen has been designing in the LA market for over 6 years. He has appeared on Project Runway season 9, worked as a designer for Guess Inc, and has dressed top celebrities. Joshua Christensen is currently working on new labels both personal and for other companies. The FW16 collection is titled, "Sugarcoated" - 
A menswear concept collection using lighthearted pastels and playful designs. 
Joshua Christensen Fall 2016 collection titled, "Sugarcoated" -
 A menswear concept collection using lighthearted pastels and playful designs

Koco Blaq returned to present
fall 2016
showcase, Paradise Moana Collection

                                         Koco Blaq keeps in line with this current inspiration, "It's Never Fall in Paradise" as the upcoming collection looks to make a splash in presenting yet another tropical twist on its signature island-inspired line. Koco Blaq continues to bring a Polynesian presence to the forefront of the LA Fashion Week in the Fall 2016 previews. This particular line promises the market an extended summer.
Koco Blaq

Mister Triple X mens
2 piece floral suit

(Center) Miste Triple X w/Janice Dickinson and his models
Mister Triple X closed out day 3 of Art Hearts Fashion with "X ColleXion" featuring the brands signature metallic and bold prints. The collection features Adam and Eve printed jackets, camo pants, and the signature feminine silhouettes that set Mister Triple X apart as one of the names to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Supermodel Janice Dickinson closed the show returning to the runway as only the first supermodel could.
Rene Tyler plus size
black cocktail dress

Janice Dickinson showing metallic dress
for Mister Triple X

Rene' Tyler  launched their new evening-wear collection "Premiere". Rene' Tyler is a sophisticated brand that gives plus-size women glamorous, red carpet designs in sizes 14 and above. The "Premiere" collection offers women with curves an upscale, high fashion alternative unlike any other brand.

Antonella Commatteo showcased a combined debut collection called, "Shreds," "Escape" and "Transition,"reflecting her personality, creativity, and inspiration. 
Antonella Commatteo,
Sheds design
Shreds design process where she "shredded fabric, turned seams inside out, and used black for the dark times and orange for the light at the end of the tunnel."  "The 'Escape' collection marries the elements of light bamboo and silk to create a unity of fresh pieces for the spring. These designs incorporate the season's colors and layering effects of partially hidden panels forming a silhouette for the modern, new age customer. My 'Transition' collection is inspired by the film Mad Max: Fury Road, sending out a strong and powerful message with an edge of sensuality." 
Pop art by Sham Ibrahim by entrance


A full art gallery took place throughout the week  Hollywood's most talented artists including: Sham Ibrahim, Connie Kurtew, Eugene
Huffman, Josef Jasso, Molly Gruninger, Lillipop Saucedo and Omar Wysong with performances by
Purple Crush and SpaceCream.  
Art Hearts Fashion continues to support Make a Wish at
each of their shows granting wishes in various cities.
Antonella Commatteo,
orange fake fur w/black

FHI Brands returned as official hair sponsor of Art Hearts Fashion, working behind the
scenes to create the diverse and innovative looks seen on the runway.
Cadillac Concierge joined Art Hearts Fashion this season as Official Car Sponsor.
A special thanks to April Love Pro Makeup Academy, SoyJoy, Monster Energy,
FHI Brands, Lunabar, Whole Foods Market, Nescafe, Hint Water, Cadillac Concierge,
Fotopod, Mosaic, Portraits of Hope, Make a Wish, AIDS Healthcare
Foundation, Illy Issimo, Skinny Pop, Santa Monica Healing, Skintech Studios Oz+Ōtz,
For the Stars Showroom, Creativ PR Showroom and VH1 Save the Music Foundation.
right, Antonella Commatteo with model wearing
"Transition" fake fur dress

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