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Has Yulin Dog Meat Festival Become Political?

By Karen Ostlund
Photos from American Press (AP)
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An annual Yulin dog meat festival in south-west China has begun, and uproar on the part of animal rights activists. Is this "The punishment on earth" featured as oil-paintings in old Churches/Synagogues? The dogs get the same treatment as a "crab-animal with claws" transported in tiny cages without food, water and leg-room.
 Dogs for Yulin come from as far as central and north China's Henan and Shandong, more than 1,000 miles away.
"It would be more human give the dogs a lethal suppository, and then transport their bodies on ice to Yulin". (as China's fish-market)

Thousands of dogs are stuffed in cages and smuggled to Yulin.
Dogs for Yulin Dog Meat Festival transported in tiny cages with no food or water

 Here in USA it's law to give transported slaughter animals, food, water and legroom. The animals are also insured.

 Each year, Yulin, Guangxi in China celebrates the summer solstice in June 21-22nd. 
The celebration is followed by 7 to 10 days having a festival of eating dog meat and lychees, washed down by strong liquor.

One day ago,at China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival, Pup sold to be slaughtered.   
In recent years, more than 10,000 dogs were slaughtered in the festival.
 The animal rights NGO Best Volunteer Centre claimed the city Yulin have more than 100 slaughterhouses, processing between 30 and 100 dogs a day. 
The Yulin Centre for Animal Disease Control and Prevention claimed the city had only eight dog slaughterhouses selling approximately 200 dogs, although this increased to about 2,000 dogs during the Yulin festival. Prior to the 2014 festival, eight dogs (and their two cages) sold for 1,150 yuan ($185) and six puppies for 1,200 yuan.
As many as 15,000 de-haired dogs were sold at the 2011 market. Picture: Humane Society In
Latest footage, Yulin dog meat festival, De-haired dogs

The movement against the consumption of cat and dog meat was given added impetus by the formation of the Chinese Companion Animal Protection Network (CCAPN). 
Expanded to more than 40 member societies, CCAPN in 2006 began organizing protests against eating dogs and cat, starting in Guangzhou and following up in more than ten other cities with a positive response from the public. 
Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, officials ordered dog meat to be taken off the menu at its 112 official Olympic restaurants to avoid offending visitors from various nations who might have been concerned by the offering of dog meat.

Eating dog and cat-meat origin from many hundred years ago, Han Dynasty (202 – 220 AD) but Chinese dog's race fur-cell have today surpassed the population race-hair in a lab-test. Many of the Yulin's population appear more Arab than Chinese.
It is proven today's dogs (2015) have reach 1st grad of Caucasian and Spanish hair-fur in a lab-test, unless the dog belongs to the ancient Arab dog-race, but that dog-race has advanced too. House-cats' fur (any color) belong to the Arab blond hair-cell.
It is also proven female dogs who are expecting a litter in a dog-eating country, freeze up, gulp down air, to create lower hair-cell and change of their pups' fur and body-cell, before being born. 
Dogs sense its a threat being born with a higher race-fur cell than the population's hair-cell.
This factor increases the risk of rabies.
In all cases of rabies in fur-animals, the fur test Arab, and has reach cell-change towards Arab-Afro..
That's mean it's a long procedure for a higher fur-race-cell to get rabies - good nutrition and love helps, and without living fear to get killed.
Cooking of dog at Yulin Dog meat Festival

The dog meat trade is a serious threat to human health, and Chinese authorities have every reason to stand by the animal advocates.
China has the world's second highest incidence of rabies in humans. And according to China's ministry for public health, Guangxi province, where Yulin is located, has the largest number of cases in China, while Yulin is one of China's "top ten cities" for cases of human rabies.
Eating dog meat of itself does not cause rabies, but the handling and slaughter of vast numbers of un-vaccinated dogs exposes the traders to a high risk of rabies infection.

Activists say the killing is cruel and have held protests, campaigned online, praying and even saved dogs by buying them, but it's not enough.
Residents and vendors in Yulin say the animals are killed in a humane way,-  but is clubbing down a dog, cut the throat, and then hang upside down -  a humane way?                    Others are burnt and boiled to death.

There is a clear sign Yulin's population was born with body-cell too low to enter USA and Europe.( Law)  It usually comes from a tremendous loss during a woman's pregnancy, raising the arms in churches/synagogues pulling out soul with strength, from the growing child's embryo, so it effects the brain of the newborn.
Ancient royals pulled down soul during pregnancy as a prayer, without pulling out, to assure a heir to the throne..
House cats arrive in cages to Yulin Festival
A lot of Chinese living in Los Angeles feel ashamed over what is going on in their country.right now. They say:
"Not all Chinese are dog-meat eaters, but there is a big minority group"
Americans feel that this problem with Yulin dog meat festival should have been stopped with help of military force by shooting from above,when it re-started in 2009. -  "The Yulin Massacre"  would have ended in one day.
Another problem in the Motion Picture Academy in USA: The last 2-3 decades the Caucasian brown-eyed brunette has been replaced by Chinese, unless speak Spanish as first language. This forces the Caucasian brown-eyed brunette to work as blond.

An online campaign to ban the festival has been signed by more than 3.8 million people so far.Last Chance for Animals organization also fight for to stop the slaughter of the rabbit here in USA.
The rabbit is the only slaughter animal in USA, which fur has reach a Spanish hair-cell in lab-test, closest to dog.
Cows, pigs, horses and more, test topaz light-brown Arab hair-cell in analyze. All birds test light grey Arab-feather cell, underneath the color of the bird. 
Humans themselves created hair-color darker than light brown, over the time in history.

Last Chance for Animals ( is an organization that is working for to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival scheduled to start Sunday, June 21st, Torture and death loom for thousands of innocent dogs. Dogs are beaten, boiled, and burned alive in this gruesome celebration of the summer solstice.
Where is the heart and soul in these so called humans?

There is still hope. We're closer than ever to stopping the slaughter! 

LCA's Special Investigation Team is on the ground in China working tirelessly to save these dogs.
Sign now to tell Chinese officials to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival!
What's more, over 150 thousand people have already signed LCA's petition demanding an end to the bloodshed. With your help, we will keep the pressure on to not only keep trying to stop it this year, but stop it for future years!

With outcry from concerned supporters like you, 
tremendous progress is already being made. The people of China are beginning to see this horror must end! Dog butchers in Yulin are getting desperate, and as LCA's team reports, they are trying to block people from seeing what goes on at the festival.

LCA will not let heartless dog butchers hide the truth. When you spread the word about the bloodshed by 
signing LCA's petition and sharing LCA action alerts, we grow one step closer to stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival for good. 

1) If you haven't already, sign the petition right now at Your signature will go straight to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC and demand an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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