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'Celebrity Connected' Celebrated ESPYS w/Foot-Inventions - Swim - Health & Skincare

By Karen Ostlund was served

(July 12 2016) The Celebrity Connected Espy Gifting Lounge 2016 was located at The Taglyan Complex, one day prior to the Espys 2016 (Nokia Theatre, July 13) - The Lounge focused on companies with new ideas in sports-health, vitamins, treatments and skincare and apparel.

 The day before the awards show, invited celebrities visit the lounge. They are each provided with their own personal guide to escort them from booth to booth.  As each celebrity comes by, they are given gifts to try, and clients can take photos/videos with them for endorsement of a new product
Media also attends these events to provide more exposure. is the new shoe appliance, which both disinfects and dry cleanse your shoes with help of the ozone technology:

Dries the shoes: Inside the appliance, there are two vents on pillars and two floor vents, which circulate mild heat (70o F) and ozone. The mild heat wicks away any moisture in the gear. Stinkboss can also be used with any sweaty, stinky gear that fits loosely over the air vents can be used , like knee pads, boxing gloves, bike helmet, shin guards, batting gloves, hiking boots, etc.
StinkBoss team with pro-surfer Keala Connelly (right)
Disinfects: The ozone technology works as a disinfectant. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas consisting of 3 oxygen molecules (O3). It is the most powerful disinfectant found in nature, killing the bacteria, viruses and germs it comes into contact with.

Deodorizes: Sweat alone doesn’t stink. It’s the duo of sweat and bacteria that cause odor. Our unique technology combining ozone and heat, eliminates odor, rather than just masking it. It takes 90 min.
Stinkbox, a new idea to
disinfect shoes
How stinky is your stuff? The settings start at 30 minutes without heat and 1 hours with heat. You can increase the time in 1hour increments up to 6 hours. "We recommend starting out low and working up to 6 hours if needed. Of course, if you’ve got a super stench going on, by all means start off on the max level! It could even take a couple of max cycles to kill all the funk".
How often should I use StinkBOSS to keep shoes from smelling? In general, a full six hour cycle the first time a pair of shoes is deodorized and then shorter cycles as 30-90 min. thereafter as needed. Once or twice per week should be sufficient after that to keep shoes and gear fresh.The StinkBOSS can accomodate any shoe up to size 14. The StinkBOSS generates a low level of heat (around the mid-70° range), which is just enough to dry up the sweat from your shoes and gear, but not enough to shrink or damage your shoes.

foot bath sanitation tablet with 99.99% effective against harmful bacteria and athlete’s foot fungus. Use a Worry Free Pedi tablet in the foot bathevery time you go into a spa or salon for your pedicures and foot massages. Just drop one Worry Free Pedi tablet into the foot bath water AND Within 1 minute, the water you'll soak your feet in will be treated, protecting you from bacteria & fungus.Worry Free Pedi is the only EPA registered spa sanitizing tablet on the market today.

AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys is inside 3 min
Creators Skyler Scarlett and sister Brittney Scarlett-Torres opened the first retail Whole Body Cryotherapy spa in Central California history, when they opened the doors to GLACÉ in Carmel, CA on October 15, 2014. "Removing your clothing is required to begin your Cryotherapy session. Cool dry air will circulate around your body for just 2-3 minutes and your skin surface temperature will drop significantly".
During vasoconstriction, toxins are flushed from muscle and skin surface tissue. Red blood cells are enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes.Upon exiting the Cryo sauna when the session is over, the body vasodilates and the enriched blood is released back to the skin surface tissues, muscle tissues, and joint spaces that have been flushed of toxins.Doing a series of sessions are recommended.

"After your Cryotherapy session many experience as described as the “Cryo Rush”, a warm tingling sensation throughout the body, elevated alertness and overall sense of well being similar to a runners high".

Laboratories and
Bioderma Sensibio H2O dermatological wipes 
cleanse sensitive skin.It contains a micellar solution to soothe and soften skin.
 New company from Latvia
 in Europe. Select a category from Face, Body, Hair- 
then choose a base and add 6 natural ingredients of choice. contains 8% juice, Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Yerba Mate Leaf Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract, Natural Flavors.Contains 104 mg of natural caffeine per serving.
Co-founder Olympic gymnast Sam Mikulak "We source the finest, wild-harvested, yerba maté leaves from South America to engage a 6-step brewing process which infuses lemon  juice concentrate, sugar-cane and natural flavors to produce a light, refreshing taste - it's a power-tea".
Additional tastings were provided by and and one tablet of 8G has: 

Zinc as contained in 10 cups of asparagus, vitamin C as contained in 5 oranges, vitamin B5 as contained in 20 cups of broccoli, Vitamin B3 as contained in 18 cups of carrots, Vitamin B6 as contained in 7 cups of lima beans and Vitamin B12 as contained in 9 cups of milk.

  • Natural Beewax products has developed a live probiotic, AO+Mist, which contains the good bacteria, AOB. This soil bacteria is the best probiotic for your skin, as AOBs act as peacekeepers for the bacterial ecosystem of your microbiome, helping the other bacteria live in harmony with each other. Using the AO+ Mist can help rebalance skin, the benefits of which can vary widely since every microbiome is unique. MotherDirt shampoo and cleanser do not contain AOB, but have been specially formulated to benefit the skin biome. Aromatherapy silicon bracelets
    Floral swim-wear designed and made by hand. The fabrics are hand picked in a local fabric store in  is based in Las Vegas. "Design and create a custom bikini in the style, size and fabric of your choice".Best known for their bikinis from Sports Illustrated 2016. decoration
    for shoes
    Energy Blast Power Gum, Hero Fuel Nut-brownie and 
    Thunderbolts gummies

              pick-up tool invention.  It illuminates dark spaces with LED light and picks up screw drivers, nails, nuts, bolts & rings with a super-strong magnetic arm.

    Bonbons and truffles are hand-produced and packaged by The Art of Edibles Cannabis Collective , (registered and licensed California 501(c)(3) gluten-free and vegan, little sugar
                                                                                                                                                     Biscuits for dogs. Ingredients: ground peas, ground chickpeas, sweet potato, green lipped mussel, tapioca, salmon oil, ascorbic acid, garlic and CBD rich-hemp oil—to help ease your dogs aches, pain, swelling and anxiety
    Nickelodeon TV Dog

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