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By Karen Ostlund
Emma Roberts opening speech at LA Art show Opening, Jan.11 2017
Saturday 11am – 7PM
Sunday, January 15, 11am – 5PM

Host Emma Roberts spoke  from the stage during the presentation by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,at LA Art Show Opening Night Premiere.
Emma Roberts w Show producer Kim Martindale at Jeff Koons booth

The evening began with an exclusive collectors' preview followed by the opening bash, which featured performance works by Carlos Martiel, Eugenia Vargas Pereira, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Melanie Pullen, and Narcissister.

Dosshaus, The Writer’s Room, 2014, cardboard, paint and glue

100 Galleries representing 19 countries featured across 200,000 square feet of exhibition space
Actor Jason Alexander w actress Daena E. Title
With its most diverse and international list of exhibitors and programming to date, LA Art Show 2017 is expanding its reach across all platforms with a focus on modern and post-war contemporary works and a thematic focus, this year, on Latin American and Latino art to coincide with The Getty’s upcoming Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles.

Now presenting its 22nd edition, the LA Art Show has, since its inception, been adept at identifying the most compelling artistic endeavors and contextualizing new movements and voices for a Los Angeles audience that now finds itself at the vanguard of the production and exhibition of contemporary art.


* Carlos Martiel places his body in extreme circumstances, employing his own flesh as a canvas and testing the limits of the human body to address topics of repression, discrimination and immigration. With Cauce/Riverbed, which will be presented on-site at the Show, the Cuban artist who once allowed the public to beat his burlap-sack clad figure with batons, exposes the nature of undocumented immigration and shows how it impacts the lives of some eleven million individuals and their families.
Artist Raphael Montañez Ortiz organized by LACMA
 Fragments from Home, a special on-site exhibition by American octogenarian artist Raphael Montañez Ortiz organized by LACMA, will comprise three performance/installation pieces involving the planned ruin of innocent household items with Piano Destruction Ritual: Cowboy and Indian, Part Two and Couch Destruction: Angel Release (Pennies from Heaven). Visitors will be invited to participate in the artists’ interactive performance work, Shred Your Worries.
LA-based artist Melanie Pullen’s staged performance
 Expectations for LA-based artist Melanie Pullen’s staged performance piece are high, following the artist’s bloody, yes-that-really-happened, High Fashion Crime Scene installation at last year’s Show.  In Violent Times, which includes several large-scale artworks from Pullen's Violent Times series, Pullen explores the ceremonial aspect of violence and how we dress for war in this new work.  For the first time, Pullen will work with stills produced during the performance to create unique, entirely new limited edition works that will be available at the LA Art Show to the public.


*Another aspect of the LA Art Show that makes it an enjoyable visit for both serious collectors and casual art lovers is its large-scale installations. This year several common socio-political themes have emerged, among them Norton Maza’s Deep Impact, a world map highlighting the planet’s immigration borders that are currently subject to the toughest surveillance controls and regulations. The installation will be closely guarded to reflect the impenetrable borders confronting millions of refugees, and will highlight Maza's method of placing the viewer in an inconvenient position that forces immersion in his scenes and evokes inward reflection rather than reaction.

*Born to working-class Mexican immigrants in East LA, artist Ramiro Gomez’s subjects are the nannies, gardeners, housekeepers: the people behind our images of luxury. The expansive cardboard mural installation, presented at the Show by LACMA, and its life-sized cardboard figures in Cutouts bring the predominantly Latino workforce serving the affluent areas of Los Angeles, into focus.

*Louis Hock’s A Wall is a cardboard brick barrier meant to trip up visitors, and the snaking, 8-foot tall installation will be placed in an area that forces confrontation to incite viewers to think in some small way about what happens when a wall runs through a community. Since the late 1970s Hock has made videos documenting the daily struggles of the Mexican immigrants who were his neighbours where he grew top in San Diego.

*Part installation, part performance, Dosshaus creates and inhabits a life-sized fantasy live/work space where everything, including clothing is made of recycled cardboard in The Artist’s Room.  The sculptural environment enables Dosshaus to engage with cultural questions with whimsy and insouciance.
*Submerge is a laser installation by Marc Brickman, world-renowned visual light artist and the artist-in residence for Empire State Building since 2012. He has worked with Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Cirque du Soleil (Viva Elvis), David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen, and on the films, Running Man, Minority Report, and A-I. The installation, presented by the gallery Art All Ways will feature a radiating line drawing that becomes weightless architecture for viewers to travel within.

Lindsay Scoggins' large-scale, site-specific video installation Dichotomy Bifuracation will be on view at the front entrance of the fair. Scoggin’s most political artwork to date is an unbiased take on the Democratic and Republican parties presented just days before the upcoming U.S. presidential inauguration.  The artist, whose work has appeared at the Guggenheim museums in New York, Bilbao, Berlin and Venice, seeks to illustrate the facade of two opposite parts of a political system and its “endless iconic cycle, which is self-reflexive of the video loop medium in which they are
LA Artshow 2017 before guests arrive
57 Projects
A C Gallery
Able Fine Art
ACA galleries
Acacia Gallery
Ace gallery Los Angeles
ADC Contemporary & Building
Alan Wofsy Fine Arts and Wittenborn Art Books
Allan Houser Gallery
Ararat Gallery
Arcadia Contemporary
Art All Ways
Art Du Marche
Art Gallery Magazine
Art Unified
Artêria Gallery
Artists Republic
Asian Art Works
[At] Traction
baik art
Bert Green Fine Art
bG Gallery
Blinkgroup Gallery
Blue Rain Gallery
Bruce Lurie Gallery
Cantor Fine Art
CM2 Space
CMAY Gallery
Coagula Curatorial
Coagula Curatorial
Coagula Projects
Conde Contemporary
Contemporary Artifact
Copro Gallery
Cospace Contemporary Art Gallery
David Rothermel Contemporary
Denis Bloch Fine Art
East Art Center
Eckert Fine Art
Elemental Fine Natural Art
Ellsworth Gallery
Evan Lurie Gallery
Fine Art Conservation Laboratories
Fine Art Maya, Inc.
FP Contemporary
Fun Year Art Gallery
Galerie Bruno Massa
Galerie Fledermaus
Gallery Clu
Gallery D'Arte
Gallery Fukuda
Gallery Ho
Gallery Kitai
Gallery Koo
Gallery We
Gregorio Escalante Gallery
Hayden & Fandetta Books
Jacob's Diamond & Estate Jewelry
Jane Kahan Gallery
K + Y Gallery
Knupp Gallery Prague - Los Angeles
La Perfection Louis
LDX Artodrome Gallery
Liahona Art Space
M. S. Rau Antiques
Mama Gallery
Masterworks Fine Art
Maxwell Alexander Gallery
MOCA Store
Mookji Art
Motif Art
MRG Fine Art
Mugello Contemporary
Niche Gallery
O. Ascanio Gallery
Other Criteria
Palette Contemporary Art and Craft
Paradigm Gallery + Studio
Patrick Painter Gallery
Peimbert Art
Pigment Gallery
Project Awe
Provident Fine Art Gallery
PYO Gallery
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
Red Truck Gallery
Rehs Contemporary
Rehs Galleries, Inc.
S. E. A.
SCAA Sergott Contemporary Art Gallery Alliance
Shumoku Gallery
Silk Road Art Gallery
Simard Bilodeau Contemporary
Simyo Gallery
SM Fine Art Gallery
Smash Gallery
STOA Gallery
Taimei Gallery
Tansey Contemporary
Temporary Space LA
The Gallery Steiner
The Public House of Art
The Tolman collection of Tokyo
Timothy Yarger Fine Art
Traditions of Newport Beach
Trotta Bono Gallery
Verne Collection, Inc.
Walter Wickiser
Winn Slavin Fine Art


*At The Edge of a New Era in Art Curation (1:00PM): Billy Rose and Paul Lester will moderate a panel about curating a private home, digital art and bespoke architecture.

*The Modern Eye: Cultivating a 21st Century Private Collection (3:00PM):  Leading art collector Chara Schreyer will discuss her forty-year collaboration with interior designer Gary Hutton and their newly published book Art House, which captures five residences they designed together to house six hundred works of art, including masterpieces by Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Donald Judd, Louise Nevelson, Diane Arbus and Frank Stella.

*Dansaekwha Walking Tour (4:30PM): Dansaekwha living master Kim Tae-Ho leads a walking tour of the Dansaekwha works on view in a special on-site exhibition organized by SM Fine Art Gallery.
*Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago (5:00PM): LA Art Show curator Marisa Caichiolo will moderate a panel presented by the Museum of Latin American Art with artist Scherezade Garcia and curator Tatiana Flores


*Conflictive, Unbalanced and Absurd (1:00PM): Argentine artists Mariano Barbieri, Julian Manzelli, Matias Vigliano and Orilo Blandini will discuss their collective DOMA, which percolated as part of the art scene in urban Buenos Aires in 1998 via art installations, stencils, street-projections and absurd ad campaigns. They studied Illustration, Film and Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where some of the members later became professors. DOMA today creates art in an ever-growing array of mediums and formats.

*Dansaekwha Walking Tour (2:00PM): Dansaekwha living master Kim Tae-Ho leads a walking tour of the Dansaekwha works on view in a special on-site exhibition organized by SM Fine Art Gallery.

KIM TAE-HO, Internal Rhythm-14, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 73.5 x 61cm, Courtesy SM Fine Art Gallery and LA Art Show 2017.

Noon Narcissister performance Booth #12
12:30PM Melanie Pullen Booth #20
2:00PM Raphael Montañez Ortiz Piano Destruction Booth #31
4:00PM Melanie Pullen Booth #20
5:00PM MOLAA – Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago Dialog Booth #16
Narcissister performance
 SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2017 
Noon Melanie Pullen Booth # 20
3:30PM Melanie Pullen Booth #20

Purchase tickets at
 Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street West Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Complimentary Shuttle
 2 shuttles daily on will depart LACC every 30 mins to transport ticketed Show visitors to  (Gilbert Lindsay Drive) in front of West Hall A

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