Friday, February 3, 2017

SUE WONG Launches International Brand Of Boutique Hotels

Photos by Karen Ostlund
Designer Sue Wong with her models in Malibu ARTHAUS
Last Sunday, January 29th 2017, renowned celebrity fashion designer Sue Wong hosted a brunch celebration at ARTHAUS, her seaside off PCH Malibu home. An artful, soaring loft-like gallery residence overlooking the Pacific which houses her extensive collection of Modern Art.
The celebration announced the genesis of the SUE WONG brand of international Boutique Hotels and interior design.
Her models showed her most classic gowns over the last ten years."I envision the SUE WONG brand of International Hotels to carry my usual panache of signature haute style and glamour", she said.
(Center) Sue Wong with rocker Imran Raza

"I am very excited and pleased to announce the new franchise of SUE WONG Boutique Hotels. I envision the SUE WONG brand of International Hotels to carry my usual panache of signature haute style and glamour, while offering a sense of relaxation and renewal to upscale international guests. Dana Blanchard is an experienced hotel developer who has a track record of 24 hotel projects behind him and will be working with me as an advisor on my projects. The new hotel franchise is based on the paradigm of my three homes representing Body, Mind and Spirit," said the critically acclaimed designer.

Coined as “Every Woman's Couturière,” Sue Wong expressed how she has many dreams yet to manifest. Being the quintessential Phoenix, she now finds herself poised on a threshold she calls her Third Phoenix Rising. The next most vibrant and exciting Third Chapter is the culmination of a stellar career, the embodiment of her well-respected, much loved epiphanous label of magnificent evening gowns and cocktail dresses, SUE WONG.

In addition to delivering a vision for the future of her brand, Sue Wong gave an impromptu retrospective Fashion Show with stunning looks culled from the SUE WONG archives worn by guest models Eugenia Kuzmina and Ava Capra of America's Next Top Model, who channeled glamour goddesses on the outdoor runway.
Bridal headpieces by designer Maritzia Regalado of Atzi Designs (2nd from left)
Stunning headpieces by Maritzia Regalado of Atzi Designs and the couture jewelry of PK Bijoux complimented the gorgeous gowns. Hair and Makeup was provided by Reyna Kalil, Luis Martinez and Carlos Zapata. D'Jesus Trujillo provided model casting and coaching.

Sue Wong's opening speech in garden
 Celebrity guests who attended the event included renown actress Jane Seymour, Alice Amter of the Big Bang Theory, actor/musician Ronn Moss (The Bold And The Beautiful) actresses Kate Linder and Jacqueline Murphy, Chris Pitman (Guns 'N Roses), actor John Blyth Barrymore, Latin actress Maria Conchito Alonso, iconic FOX News anchor Christine Devine, Sandro Monetti of CNN, actor Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky and Hutch, and Entertainment mogul, Larry Namer.
(left) Ronn Moss (The Bold And The Beautiful) with friends

Musical performances from stellar artists included vocalists Maria Elena Infantino, Melissa Lee Diehl, Jayme Claire, Shannan Rene Parks, Brit rocker Steve Cooke, avante-garde bassist Dordje Stijepovic, the incomparable John Walsh, aka Jawn Star and  talented Imran Raza of Sonic Astanga, who brought his band.

Sue has taken fashion into never-before-seen heights of couture excellence in the commercial arena. Her ground-breaking acumen and high excellence in the pantheon of design affords her the luxury in applying her collective artistic sensibilities to multiple genres. She continues to be the proven Alchemist, expanding her artistic canvas into licensing modalities for Fashion, Home, Lifestyle and Interiors. Sue's core Fashion signature style of haute glamour and romantic vintage aesthetics embodies an odyssey of seduction, sensuality, and femininity that invokes and awakens the Goddess within each woman.
Living room design Sue Wong ARTHAUS in Malibu

Breakfast bacon-egg burgers by Hollywood Burger
Sponsors for the event included Purple Haze Liqueur, Hollywood Burger, Rejirderlig Cider, Sol and Luna, Burgerim, and Aqua Carpatica.
Sue Wong favorite, 1920's flapper dress

Maria Elena Infantini sang Italian opera

British rocker Steve Cooke performed among many

Sue Wong's ARTHAUS bedroom design
Guests in garden of Sue Wong's ARTHAUS in Malibu
John Walsh performed at Sue Wong's ARTHAUS Malibu

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