Monday, May 15, 2017

Celebrity Connected Spring Launches to Celebrate MTV Movie Awards

By Karen Ostlund

Randy Jackson
The Celebrity Connected MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge 2017 was located at The W Hollywood Hotel,May 6 - one day prior to the MTV Movie Awards 2017 ( Shrine Auditorium May 7) - The Lounge focused on companies with new ideas in food and beverage innovations, skincare and apparel.

 May 6th, 2017,one day before the MTV Movie Awards  show, invited celebrities visited the lounge. They were each provided with their own personal guide to escort them from booth to booth.  
As each celebrity comes by, they are given gifts to try, and clients can take photos/videos with them for endorsement purposes of a new products
Media is also invited to provide more exposure.

Left, handcrafted jewelry designer Brooke Michaels at

Founder Donovan Thomas' Caps by 
Italian swimwear from Milan, Italy. A beachwear line designed for the woman who choose the understatement and elegance of simplicity. Oséree was born from the need to go back to the Italian quality origins, designed and built whilst taking care of every detail, a sophisticated swimwear design with three lines: basic, lumiere and travaille.

Custom painted summer glass creations by
 Founded in June 2016, "Ether Innovations" was a small and dynamic start-up organization and family business.  The two cousin founders, Julien Michalk and Claude-Marie Blanchard, worked together over a year to make the impossible possible:  freeze alcohol up to 40% in less than two minutes without any chemical transformation nor additives. Creator Dane Wilcox, (For Fry Your Mount) FYM Sauce features five types of fresh peppers, carrots for sweetness, and citrus, garlic, and onion for flavor in every bottle.
 A Florida cold pressed juice method to deliver nutrient dense beverages. The cold pressed process differs from other juicing methods, as it combines traditional methods of squeezing and crushing with modern technology to yield juice more efficiently and without damaging the nutrients.
Ingredients in SIMO juices include nuts as almonds, seeds as chia seeds, and roots as ginseng. 
Southern California's first all plant-based creamery. Anti-Dairy Ice Cream N' Stuff.
 Diva Stuff is a Florida based growing brand with dozens of products from make-up to soap bars Django Leather Art and Crafts was established in Boracay in 1993 by Antonio 'Django' Valmores, a musician from the north of Mindanao.  With a passion for handcrafted leather, Django put together unique stylish bags from recycled leather materials.  Django is best known for his Filipino moccasins, but he has expanded to briefcases, travel bags and bike helmets.  The new clothing store from Canada gifted their bamboo tank tops and presented a summer collection of sandals and wooden bracelets and jewelry of gemstones and crystals. Stitch and Stone focus on Bohemian Inspired Clothing, unique styles and unique gifts. PRESS is the new 4% clear alcoholic seltzer in  Sweetopia is a handmade artisan chocolate shop located inside Newbo City Market in Iowa, which offer a wide variety of chocolate treats, everything from Tipsy Cherries to Chocolate covered Bacon. 100% Premium Belgium handmade chocolate. Favorite flavors MTV Movie Awards weekend were: Key Lime Creme, Citrus Curry Creme, Pistachio Almond Creme, Peanut Butter Caramel Truffle and Blood Orange Truffle. JEVO is the first automatic gelatin shot maker. Think Keurig coffee machine, but for jello shots. Jeff Jetton and Tyler Williams founded Food and Beverage Innovations to provide solutions to the food and beverage industry that eliminate the manual process of making gelatin through innovation in product, process
 and technology. Jevo reduces the 4 to 5 hour process of making gelatin to about 10 minutes, resulting in 20 great tasting gelatin cups or gelatin shots in various flavors and alcohol.
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