Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"Celebrity Connected" Celebrated American Music Awards w/Holiday Gifting

Photos & story by Karen Ostlund white chocolate with peanut-butter for the holidays
One day prior to the American Music Awards at Microsoft Theatre - The Celebrity Connected yearly gifting suite was held November 18th, at the W Hotel in Hollywood.
The suit focused on Holiday Gifting: Candles, Soaps, Creams, Apparel, Games, Jewelry and Sex-toys.                specializes in making pan rolled ice cream, providing you with a variety of flavors to choose from and adding fresh fruit. Rolling Ice Creamery was founded back in 2015 from 3 best friends that was looking to revolutionized the way ice cream was made. By using a sub-zero temperature pan, the team was able to create freshly made ice cream from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.
Rolled ice cream with fruit
Noah Urreah eating rolled ice cream

James and Christian Ganiere at
 PrimBathandBodyCo is a Louisiana-based bath and body shop, which specializes in unique bath and body products! None of the products are tested on animals and are all 100% handmade.  Bath bombs are their trademark, and the ingredients in each bath bomb are: baking soda, citric acid, SLSA, colorant, sweet almond oil, polysorbate 80 (helps disperse the colorant into the water so it doesn't stain the tub), & fragrance oil.

Costume Holiday and American Music Awards Candles by
Wise Hands plant based salves on Facebook:Muscle Mend, Healing Touch and Working Hands sauna foil mask can prevent to evaporate effective ingredients such as gold, hydrolyzed collagen, coenzyme Q-10, adenosine and soy bean extract.
Elixir provides strong elasticity and a skin firming effect to loose skin, keeping skin’s health and making it soft. This mask is specially developed to help with anti-aging, getting rid of wrinkles and skin firming. is  best known for their haircare products, but have now launched a skin care for the holidays, to help with common issues such as moisture, firming, correcting fine-lines, uneven skin tone, dark circles or wrinkles. Melanated means combining form - of botanical as almond oil, aloe vera, antioxidants, avocado oil, chamomile & cucumber extract, jojoba oil, green tea and shea butter.
NakedAllNatural lotion for tattoos is a company that believes in the power of nature, and harnessing that power to create the finest all-natural healing products with no artificial coloring or fragrance - which is very common cause of skin allergies and contact dermatitis. "Our soap is made from vegetable and plant oils only. You will notice in many bars a product called sodium tallow ate  and contain grapefruit seed (gse) , which is an all-natural, broad spectrum antimicrobial agent". The NakedAllNatural products: soap, tea, lotion, oil and salve were originally made as a healing aid for tattoos and piercings, and other cosmetic applications, such as nails, waxing, and permanent makeup.

Billy Morrison at Second is tight unisex sports apparel engineered for unrestricted movement so you can set your goals and break them.
                                       presented Cookie & Candy new foreplay vibrators: Cookie with 3 massaging tentacles and Candy, the kissing fish mouth - both waterproof which run with lithium batteries

Shaka Smith at
 Hemp Love Chocolate share two powerful ingredients: hemp from Canada and love for chocolate.
Hemp is a crop that comes from the cannabis plant, but is not marijuana and does not contain THC. The hemp love chocolates come in Cinnamon-Salt, Lavender-Salt and Mint flavors. is a girl's lifestyle brand of sandals that is fun and festive. Each pair is handmade and no two pair are alike! was gifting women's elephant print harem pants with elastic smock waist, elastic ankles, and external pockets. Since The Elephant Pants store opened it’s doors in 2014, it has sold more than 400,000 pairs of pants and donated more than $127,000 to organizations that are looking to make the world a safer place for elephants.  - Select CBD Blends oil combines the medical benefits of CBD with essential oils and natural extracts to help you Relax, Focus, and Revive: Relax offers release at the end of a stressful day with sweet-smelling, calming lavender extract. Focus is formulated to provide the clarifying benefits of CBD combined with soothing, refreshing peppermint extract. Revive lifts you up with invigorating, rejuvenating grapefruit extract to help you recover, reconnect and regain energy. Experts use this oil to make devastating edibles, soothing topicals, and to fill their own dab pens. Over 21 for usage.
The idea the was born from one scene of the movie ‘The Boss’ starring Melissa McCarthy, where she was getting her teeth whitened, wearing the infamous mouthpiece and struggling to speak. Watch Ya’ Mouth Game includes 143 cards (ages 8+), 10 mouthpieces (6 regular for adults, 4 small for kids), 1 60-second sand timer, and instructions. Viviana D’Ontañón is the Puertorican jewelry designer who has been known for creating her layering concept lines.  Viviana creates today a wellknown brand with gold-filled chains and semi precious stones - minimal and classic designs.

Travis Deslaurier at tasting, also in spiced flavor from Radouga distilleries
 OKO Lifestyle was created by sisters Abbie Boatwright and Katie Steelman. Their t-shirt dresses come in versatile styles, and has been their favorite since the beginning, created from 100% bamboo.
Eco-friendly and sustainable materials - "We use a variety of sustainable materials including bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester said Alexa Varana the founder and owner of
 "A stencil is created to ensure efficiency for production, which allows us to produce large amounts of our final product. The stencil is hand-cut and applied to our manufactured blanks,and then chosen a variety of paint colors, to hand-paint every item". offers a selection of authentic products from a small european country Lithuania, where some very talented designers live and create. The store Ma Belle Avenue traveled from Hinsdale, IL to Hollywood, CA to showcase.

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