Saturday, March 10, 2018

"Celebrity Connected" Celebrated Oscars 2018 w/Natural Food, Skincare & Sextoys

Photos and story by Karen Ostlund
Celebrity Connected Celebrated Oscars 2018 with a gifting suite which focused on Natural Food, Skincare and Sextoys.
The Dolly LLama LA Waffle Ice cream

March 2nd, two days prior to The 90th Annual Academy Awards - The Celebrity Connected Annual gifting suite was held at The Taglyan Complex in Hollywood.
Natural Food Products dominated the vendors with organic chocolate, energy drinks, juices, jelly, cookies, granola, ice-cream mega waffles, cupcakes and coffee.
 Among tech products were The Car Key Finder by ZUS which allows you to find your keys, car or cellphone in the blink of an eye. If you need to find your car in a huge garage simply tap “Find” button and the ZUS Car Key Finder will play a melody to help you locate your keys.
Marcuis Harris at The company started 9 years ago (located in Lone Pine, LA), and named after their two french bulldogs Jo Jo and Rocco: "Our fresh (pesticide-free) vegetables are grown naturally, year-round and we have two special gardens for the growth of our pepper plants. We especially raise Jalapeño, Habanero and Serrano for our assorted jellies. "Our strawberry pepper jelly is made using locally-grown strawberries and the pecans are harvested from our own hundred-year-old Pecan trees. It pairs with chicken, tuna and eggsalad".

Comedian Stephen Glickman drinking

Softdrinks at Celebrity Connected: Celsius, Co Co Joy, NorthCoast.Organic and Bonjo Coffee
Sweet Madness® and Let’s Celebrate Candy plates come with a card and are enclosed in a crystal clear cellophane bag with a unique burgundy bow with gold trim. "The candy plates are manufactured in our kitchen and handmade, and come in crystal clear cellophane bags" said founder Judy Cerano. "Do not break the plate without its protective covering. Stand back and break the plate on the floor. After the plate is broken, enjoy the candy inside"

Natalie Boltt at North Coast Organics booth organic chocolate making is an art form from Beirut. A celebration of unique taste and superior production methods. Their chefs are keen to offer you the finest chocolate made with using the highest quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar and milk. No coloring or preservatives are used.
Miss Bailey Brown is the name of  Baileys Irish Cream & Brownie Truffle, which specializes in Tea Infused Chocolate Truffle Collections

Nash Overstreet and Ryan Cabrera at dog beds. Indie Boho have 12 print designs that complement your home decor! The Pet Beds Feature:
- washable covers (keep their beds flea-free and smelling fresh!)
- double sided print options
- extra strong lining on inserts
- moisture/sweat resistant, breathable inserts
- reinforced stitching across all 3 sizes
                                                 are eco friendly pillows with unique bamboo cover. "If you require a higher or lower profile from the pillow, just open it up and remove or add some filling to get your pillow to cradle you, in just the right way of sleep".
The key ingredients in all is Shea Butter, which is a skin ‘superfood’. It works to hydrate your skin (anti-ageing) and its natural vitamins help reduce skin inflammations and wrinkles. All of The Shower Tower products are made in Austria from natural, organic materials: 100% organic, raw natural ingredients, no artificial colors and no added colors."The idea of the shape of The Shower Tower soap comes from the buildings that shape Dubai’s landscape, which city I moved to in 2003, said The Shower Tower founder Astrid Ellis.
                         hand-cream with sweet orange oil and lavender oil
Co-Founder Dr Lingam of Skincare:  “We were first company to use plant based Hyaluronic acid in all our products in 1988. Our products are free of  harmful toxins, endocrine disruptors and inflammatory ingredients including parabens, preservatives and sulfates. Hylunia products are formulated to deliver results and heal the skin with powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins and plant peptides while preventing inflammation. Also Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan. Dr. Lingam was promoting their Cleansing gel, Body wash, Healing & Restoring cream and Moisture Infusion with Plant Stem Cells. are made with non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, free of harmful chemicals and dyes and infused with EU-certified organic hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol). Formulated for high bio-availability and with adaptogenic and homeopathic herbs. S&J products are designed to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Newly designed Anti Wrinkle Chest Pad, The Kami Pad on Amazon with maximum contoured strength, thickness, and wingspan to best prevent wrinkles, blemishes, and minimize scars on your cleavage. Disposable weekly treatments ~ comes in 1 pack, 3 pack, or 6 pack with
100% high quality medical grade silicon that is organic, recyclable, and hypoallergenic.Unscented & Lavender Scented options.

The Radiance Mask is infused with the intoxicating scent of orchids which has inspired wellness rituals since the days of the ancient Greeks who believed the flowers were connected with virility and fertility. For the Aztecs, orchids were a crucial ingredient in elixirs for strength.
                                      chocolate perfume has partnered with Adelante Development Center,who provides  services for over 1000 New Mexicans with Down Syndrome, ALS, as well as disabled veterans and the elderly.Their lipsticks are using the LipGlass® technology to capture real flowers. Blush & Whimsy lipsticks changes color based on your body's unique pH and temperature of your skin in both glossy and  semi-matte shades.

Executive baker Angela Pepe and her cookies from

Hedy New Male Masturbator Vibrator with Aquaglide from is made of ultra soft TPE material and real inner structure with inner dots and ribs, which also is elastic. Looks like an ice cream, for discreet carrying.

 ANGEL is Maia toys newest vibrator with its 25-functions of speed and pulsations: USB Rechargeable
Crystal Gems Collection
100% Top Medical Grade Silicone
User Time: Up to 2 Hours
                                                            is the costume game from 7 years and up of age. In this game, each player will get a hand of 4 cards.
You will swap cards from your hand with cards in the middle of the table until you have four of a kind.
Then, pass a secret signal to your partner.
Your teammate sees the signal and shouts, You've Got Crabs!

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