Thursday, April 12, 2018

PART 2: Psychic Hearing 2018 JonBenet Ramsey's Murder Mystery

By Karen Ostlund
UPDATED DEC.22- 2018,
JonBenet’s Murder Mystery is linked to other unresolved mysteries such as: Topac Shakor, Stephen Paddock and Mary Jo Kopechne.
It's a long procedure to resolve, because it’s not possible to have "psychic hearing" until June 16th 2017, that the case is linked to both Oslo Castle and Stockholm Castle.
(Amy) JonBenet's tabloid photo in late 1987-89
Most beauty pageant kids who travel and compete, have a stage-name. JonBenet’s stage-name was Amy. The tabloids and footage of "The murder of Amy” was featured in late fall 1987 to the end of 1988, and have been locked in.
There was no more publicity about “The murder of Amy” in 1989, except for a NYC tabloid as The National Examiner, which magazine had a small head photo of Amy (JonBenet) in sepia on the cover, next to a black and white photo of her funeral. Inside the magazine were new beauty pageant photos released of her in sepia.

The 4 key figures in “Psychic Hearing Part 2" are: 

A transgender that used to fly North African Airlines, a blond man with a Boulder police ID,
 Queen Silvia of Sweden and the tabloids.

PART 1 was published April 22 2017 in this blog:

It started in 1982 the blond man with Boulder police ID came to visit Patsy Ramsey in here home. He called himself Richard, and showed police ID of a last name Bennett.
 (7/5/2018) Richard used the last name "Marquise" to people who didn’t know him as police.
During his visit he took a photo of Patsy and her son. There is a photo of Richard and Patsy sitting down and smiling from that meeting in 1982. The photo is now mixed with 80s photos of John Ramsey and Patsy together, and Richard’s hair on the photo has been retouched to longer, darker hair. He took a pair of spare-keys to Patsy's house, before he left, from that meeting.
Later, Richard went to short-time jail, caused by the transgender, who needed to duplicate his police ID to give to seven Marrakesh male friends, coming to US.
During his short-time jail time, Richard invented with his mind that John Ramsey had a previous marriage and son to Lucinda. - and he put Patsy and her son’s photo taken in 1982 in his jail-locker.
John Mark Karr photo in the news 2006
There are two photos of John Mark Karr with blond hair and oval face, mixed with Burke’s photos from 1987. Richard knew John Mark Karr did work as "companionship for hire” and he traveled from LA to Boulder, to meet Patsy’s son, which he thought had a royal dad. He wanted to see if Patsy’s son liked him. It was true as John Mark Karr said, that he talked to Amy (JonBenet) in 1987-but he didn’t kill anyone. Mark Karr was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006 for the murder of JonBenet, but he was later release, due to lack of evidence.

In June 1987 Richard traveled with rock group Bon Jovi’s tour plane, as someone related to MTV executive office. During his travel he attended a special  midsummer celebration at Stockholm Castle, and at the same time, he had a schedule meeting with Queen Silvia of Sweden. The meeting with Silvia of Sweden did not go as planned, which resulted he left before, and he went back to Bon Jovi's tour plane. Richard had intention to tell Silvia that he could bring in her husband King Carl Gustaf's child from a previous relationship, before they got married in 1976.
At the last stop of Bon Jovi’s tour plane 1987 before returning to US, seven Marrakech male friends to the transgender boarded the plane - all with the same US police documents as Richard.
The youngest of the seven was a 20 year old A-grade student from a school in Cairo. He called himself Bam, born 27 January 1967.
Another man of the seven was Lucinda’s son (no photos shown anywhere) and he had previous worked as a gardener at Oslo Castle, 1976-80. He was responsible for taken out a blue-eyed brunette boy from Oslo Castle in 1977 and a brown-eyed brunette boy from Stockholm Castle to a German consulate family in 1980.
 (7/5/2018) The blue-eyed brunette boy's biological parents were King Olaf V of Norway and a mistress living in US.
 (7/5/2018) The brown-eyed brunette boy's biological parents were Princess Christina of Sweden and Tord Magnuson, who moved out from Stockholm Castle because they were approached by Lucinda’s son before 1980.
 (Aug.26/2018) Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson met the German consulate family in 1980 where the son was taken and he still has a Swedish title in his passport. He is look-a-like Silvia of Sweden (hair and eyes) - but he is not hers.
The son has lived in Dusseldorf/Stuttgart/Florence and done work in furniture design.

Both boys can return, if all royals living in Oslo Castle and Stockholm Castle, start to remember inside the homes of Oslo Castle gardeners, and the photos taken there, in the late 70’s - because replacements come from there.
 (Aug.26/2018) The boy who had King Olaf V of Norway as father, had a mother, who was John Ramsey’s previous live-in girlfriend 1977-80. King Olaf V son was born the same year (1973) as today's King Harald V’s son.The son was taken out of Norway to US with help of Lucinda’s son, to his mother in 1977. Harald V was serving as the guard to Olaf V’s son.
In 1980 John Ramsey left his live-in girlfriend and her son in good terms, to marry Patsy Ramsey.
Seven years after their marriage in 1987, “The Black Sun” was over the Ramsey’s house, which is part of the occult and it's scary. It was caused by Harald V, as a guard, had pursued King Olaf V son's soul-level. Harald V was also the sperm-donor to Amy (Jon-Benet) born 1983.
To remove “The Black Sun”, John Ramsey changed with a pen, the birth year of Olaf V’s son from 1973 to 1980. It was then everything started to happen.
The moment after the death of Amy (Jon-Benet) occurred in late fall 1987, King Olaf of Norway left Oslo to move his son and his mother to Malibu. The son has still today, Harald V names in his passport.
There is a Spanish guitar singer, named Benise, who has an old ID from the 80’s with Harald V’s names on it. Benise also traveled on Jon Bon Jovi’s tour plane in 1987, and visited John Ramsey’s home, when he was home.
 There is a question mark ? - if one of the 3 (Richard, Harald V and Benise) is the same person in different time-eras, because they are all 3 born blond with same body frame, and all 3 got sick in 1988 and traveled to a country far east, with lower atmosphere measured to the ground.

 (UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Richard and Benise was the same person.Harald V was a different person. Mark Karr and Richard knew each other in 1987, and they talked in the same room in the Ramsey’s house, when John Ramsey was present.(John Ramsey also knew model Cindy Crawford before 1987, but it’s not part of this case)
Richard didn’t remember he was the son of Scientology founder Ron Hubbard,  and that he was taken out of a Scientology flagship, as very young.

 (UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Burke was original Harald V’s son with a young Swedish girl, who was influenced by the Indian culture. To be able to get the son from her,  he found her a husband, a young Indian doctor from US and adopted two straight-haired baby boys, who looked a third Indian.The young Swedish girl knew she carried a baby to a woman with a very famous husband.Haralf V had intention to give Burke to Silvia of Sweden.  Burke was originally born in August, but his birth year was moved to a younger birth year, before he left Sweden, which caused memory loss.The young Swedish girl, was Karin Holmgren, who as a teenager lived in the Swedish small town Solleftea, where she met Harald V in the late 70’s.

(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Lucinda, today named Alucinda, was Harald V's friend and care-taker of Burke as a baby, and she was part of the Oslo Castle gardeners.
Silva Sommerlath met Alucinda and "her son" at Oslo Castle in 1976, and she later met Alucinda alone in a Swedish church in October 1988, before leaving for a trip far east, carrying a suit-case. Alucinda handed over a stack papers of someone’s work as a plant-expert.
Alucinda knew her son had given Swedish press a photo of Silvia Sommerlath as a teacher  in Oslo 1976, and written Olympic Game hostess on top of the photo.- It can be traced, if it’s still a Swedish passport of the name, Silvia Sommerlath-Adolf.

(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Harald V has today brown hair and he has been seen as an apartment owner of 975 Hancock Ave. in West Hollywood in 2012-2014. He is still seeing Alucinda.
Alucinda and Silvia were the same person in Swedish press since 1987, but Alucinda was always photographed from the side, and had a thinner body-frame than Silvia. - Alucinda didn’t mind raising three Oslo gardener’s children, from 3 different families, who as adults became replaced, by look-a-likes in press - when they started dating.

(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) In October 1987, 7 men, with Boulder police documents, entered Universal Studios, off Lankershim blvd, with intention to become studio-executives without payroll - and supply the outside world with photos and film clips, of royals taken out of their castles - and make believe they still live there. Studio executives with payroll have been taken out, and replaced by them.
This can be resolved by telling all employers with payroll to stay home, to see who shows up to work, and how many.
Every room of both Stockholm and Oslo castle should be checked, to see if it’s possible to meet any royals featured in press, because they have been taken out, one-by-one to a lower social level. For example Carl XVI Gustav was born 10 March 1938, grew up as born 10 May 1940, now listed on the internet as born April 30 1946 - but he passed away.
3 of the 7 men entering Universal Studio's backlot in October 1987, are using the names, Lucci, Manos and Avii, and they are living behind 3 white men in showbiz, to switch around 60’s and 70’s actors - They list online that a star actor passed away, to create a new look-a-like co-star, in front of press.

(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) There is a small film studio inside Universal Studio's backlot, that supply the outside world with reality film-clips about ISIS, political candidates and catastrophes, shown at all news channels.The film-studio is not hidden, but no-one knows what it’s used for. - It’s located stairs down, from a bread baking oven - where an American black woman knows the recipe of the french bread, baguette.
All employers without payroll, pull "help-money” from catastrophes shown at all US news channels, sent out from this film-studio.
Therefor, test the EARTH/LAND of affected areas of wildfire and flooding, and check which year the ground was built, of both towers of the World Trade Center.

(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) A 40/hours work-week as payroll is not enough to pay a 3 times marked-up, stolen City-owned apartment leases, which can be traced as a salary to a group in Mississippi. - All City Halls need to create their own "City Hall Payment Center" to have all renters pay a third of their rents to them - then give the “owners”,  one year to prove ownership of City Hall's listings of apartments.
There are renters who sign apartment contracts with worldwide companies, who after 7 years of paying them, receive phone-calls and a letterhead from the leasing office to change recipient of rental checks, to a new name of the building.The new name of the building is usually printed on a sign 7 years before, next to a phone number of the leasing office, and a new on-site manager is hired.
A City-owned apartment complex can have 3 names in 30 years, to collect money.
Southern California Edison ( has the exact rates of electricity and gas, from billing-period March 2008. The rates are still valid today. Higher rates are not a sur-charge, its a new "side-company" coming in, with new rates as personal earnings. has a related case, because $40 for 30 days pass, $10/7 days pass and $1/ride are enough to pay all expenses, if a new bank account as Metro Payment Center is created.

(UPDATED DEC.22 2018) Olav V Jr. of Norway (now with dark hair) is still alive and he was born 1941, but grew up as born January 1942. He took his son "Hilde" to Malibu, hours before Amy (Jon Benet) died in 1987, where he stayed and started to work as a realtor. Olav V Jr's. son is most likely realtor Madison Hildebrand today,  because he has a Boulder police-man inside Universal Studios backlot,using Microsoft to read his incoming emails, on his website - the same black man hit him in the head, the same day Amy (Jon Benet) died. The photos online of Olav V of Norway, was Olav V Jr. father. 
Madison’s nickname as a child was “Owie”, that became “Zowie”, in 1977, which explains his father’s nickname was "Bowie”. Part 3 starts here:
(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) There are famous "straight couples" coming up in press, but if the female test "male" in a gender-test, the original look-a-like female is taken out of her home. A look-a-like transgender can take up a soul, to flatten the Adam’s apple on neck as a teenager, after 7 years of absent of sex - but if he takes over a life of a famous woman, and start to sink down in the atmosphere - an uncontrolled thought takes over, to reach for a gun and shoot themselves. This happened in Phil Spector's shooting case.
Two different ID’s but with similar names, for example Nicole and Nicolas.

 (UPDATED OCT.17 2018)In April 2017, the TV Academy in North Hollywood had 20 of these "straight couples” entering with various positions.
A straight man that lives in this kind of relationship has to stop having sex, then sink down in the atmosphere, to start to sniff, inhale thru the nose, oxygen from the top, from being FREE from sex many years.
Males that convert to females, early in life this way, are convincing as straight-haired (blond or brunette) studio PR staff. They live in constant anger towards women (born with ovaries) -  if they date men in top-positions.
Stephen Paddock worked with them as a guard.
FACT: It has been reported that "this kind of PR staff” show-up to famous actor's home, to make accusations of having sex, then drag the female out of his home.

(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Leona Helmsley is still alive, and she had a look-a-like showing up and responding accusations of income tax evasion in press April 1988. The real Leona has a different spelling of her name (without letter L) and her childhood photos prove she is different person, than the woman who died in press.
Always check the gender of a famous woman dying in press, because Princess Diana had a taller look-a-like transgender approaching Dodi Fayed leaving the restaurant Chez Benoit, and going inside a borrowed car, driven by hotel security, before the car-accident Aug. 31st 1997 in Paris.
Diana’s exact facial features can be seen on film-clips at Wimbledon (wider checks, 5.9” height) Her look-a-like in press, never went to Wimbledon. Diana has today long light brown hair and she is still alive. She lives in the lower East side NYC with the younger brother Trump, with the same name as his older brother, Don Trump. Younger Don Trump took a bachelor pad off the market, and kept hidden, in the lower east NYC before 1987. Diana and Don knew each other since the 80’s, because “the Camilla” seen inside the car with Prince Charles in 1973 film-clips, had a son with the younger Don Trump, the same time Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981.- It can be checked if Diana Spencer-Windsor renewed her passport after 1997.

Dr. Phil with Burke, and family Ramsey photo
The day Amy (JonBenet) died in 1987, the keys taken by Richard in 1982 to Patsy Ramsey’s home had reached Lucinda’s son, and from there the keys were taken by the man with African Afro (one of the seven Marrakesh males on Bon Jovi’s tour plane 1987) to go inside Ramsey’s house. He was convinced Lucinda’s son was John Ramsey's son from a previous marriage.
Burke must have seen an unknown man rush in the front door and go downstairs to the basement, because of sudden atmosphere change in the house.
It was Lucinda's son who smashed the windows in the basement, where Amy (JonBenet) was laying unconscious, which created a malice.
Burke received a new ID document to be born January 27 within a month after Amy (JonBenet) died, by the man with African Afro, dressed as a police man.

The name Hamilton next to Burke’s name on the internet has been added by an unknown, because John Ramsey had a guard in his office with that name.

There has been created a billion dollar fund since 1987 with help of John Ramsey's money, by a handful group of males - all with the name Bennett in their IDs and the same birthday in August.
There is a source in Cairo since January 1990, that have supplied a large group of their countrymen with a US voters state ID and a payroll to come to US - but if they apply for US Passports, their fingerprints don’t match. Mostly guard-jobs, with intention to move-in to a computer office desk.
It can be counted how many flights a day went from Cairo to NY and LA in 1990.
US has today entire black cast in TV and Motion Picture, who origin from Cairo 1990.
All consulates need to use their own country-men, as staff and security.

There have been US government issued letters in 2010, which state “President Obama demand Sweden to move out from their Los Angeles Swedish consulate mansion and close down all Swedish consulate branches in LA". The letters also state Swedish expired passports holders, should travel to Washington DC (or wait for a Swedish Embassy vehicle twice/year), then show their social security cards and pay a higher fee for a 5-Year Swedish Passport, instead of previous 10-year Swedish Passport.
In that way "the source in Cairo" gets an extra Swedish extra passport for them, with same Swedish name and same social security nr, but with a different person’s photo - because Swedish passports don’t require fingerprints or specify ethnic group.
This can be resolved by starting the mailing of renewal of Swedish passports with fingerprints, and go back to the 10 Year Swedish Passport. The stamp on the
5-year Swedish passport is slightly different, with a specific lighting above.
Sweden can renew their own passports as much as they want to, without showing social security cards, because they were a colony together with Finland in US before the civil-war and Independence Day 1776 - same time as Australia was a colony.

Richard got very sick sick after Amy (JonBenet) died and he was hospitalized most part of 1988, but he was ready to talk about the case in December 1988.- It was announced several times in NYC TV that a family-friend to "The murder of Amy Case” will be interviewed in an entertainment news program as “A Current Affair” in the end of December 1988. - No TV interview came on as scheduled, and no cancellation either, because Richard’s interviewer was approached by the Marrakech men, who had his same US police documents. Richard was considered not allowed to talk about the case, because he was in a court-hearing with Queen Silvia of Sweden in a Swedish courthouse in late fall 1987 -  the same time Amy (JonBenet) was murdered in her Boulder home.
 (Aug.26/2018) The court case in fall 1987 was listed under Silvia vs Richard, and both with the same last name Marquise, in a courthouse (Orebro), one hour drive outside Stockholm.
Silvia of Sweden came alone with a hired driver. Richard was photographed leaving the courthouse alone, and one photo was published in a Swedish newspaper.

 (Aug.26/2018) FACT: The 1st week of March 1987 Richard sat in the cafeteria of Boston International Airport Terminal and talked to two younger friends about Sweden and rockstars.
He had intention to travel on Jon Bon Jovi’s tour plane to Sweden in June 1987.

Richard tried to get heard until December 1996, but he gave up and left for a long period of time to a country east of Eastern Europe. Later, the same month of December 1996, the transgender was responsible to re-label the publicity of "The Murder Of Amy" to "The Murder Of JonBenet". The same Amy’s photos in sepia 1987-9 were now on the front page of magazines in color, and her hazel-grey eyes were retouched to both blue and green eyed.
The same transgender was responsible to take Marla Maples head-shot (a former LA waitress with Jewish friends) from Donald Trump’s home to Ford model agency computer, right before the Trump divorce,with intention to sabotage minimum height of NYC model agencies by putting a 5.4” with heals-on to be a 5.8” - The same time the designers called model agencies for a 35,5” hip to take 1-4 days extra work in a designer showroom.
Donald Trump showed a 5.8” tall narrow body frame as the author of “Art Of The Deal” in 1987-89, but his oldest look-a-like brother came up February 1990, with a 6.2” tall and wide body-frame, and took over Donald’s life, with a soul in his face, which gave him Donald’s exact facial expressions.

 There is an ongoing procedure in US to close down businesses and take over property with help of the internet - then give it to a person with poor knowledge, to control everything behind the scenes, with the same person’s ID name.
 (UPDATED DEC..22 2018) FACT: Van Nuys courthouse has a problem with Egyptian black guard since 2014 without payroll, next to the blond judge Wolff. The guard is switching outgoing letters to winning cases, that entitle victims only to return filing fees, instead of the settlement.
The courthouse is responsible to pay the victims, the whole amount, because the guard is not allowed in the courtroom, to touch the papers of the judge, to make his own court, behind the back of the judge.

Both Topac Shakor and his shooter came from Cairo to NYC  January 1990, to work in the recording industry.
Topac Shakor was recording at Quad Recording studios 1991 in NYC, when he went on a trip to Las Vegas and got shot. His shooter lived in Las Vegas, and was friends of Las Vegas police, but he had no intention to kill him, just scare him, to have him go down low, away from celebrity circles.  
The internet has moved Topac Shakor’s deadly shooting from 1991 to 1996. The photos of Topac on the internet comes from 1990-91, but they are mixed with photos from look-a-like actors 1992-96. The castings of a look-a-like actors to portray upcoming rapper Topac Shakor started the week after he died in 1991, and it was announced in NYC talk-radio.
Rodney King came to US in 1977, and he had experienced a police beating, but he did not remember exact date, and he had no tape. The tape at Rodney King's trial was from a police-chase after a deadly shooting, which most likely was the tape of the Topac Shakor's shooter, March 1991.
FACT: A music executive has checked "the line-chart” at Paramount Studios of the song “You Don’t Own Me” released on the motion picture soundtrack movie 1996 “The First Wives Club”. He found out that actress Diane Keaton was singing the song “You Don’t Own Me” with the speaking-voice-microphone in the movie, on top of a master recording, where voice and instrumental, were made at Quad Recording Studios in NYC 1991 - the same time Topac Shakor was recording there, and took a trip to Las Vegas and got shot.
The person that took the master tape from Quad Recording Studios NYC did not know, the song was under 7 years contract with DSM Producers and publisher Warner Chapel Inc, and a publisher had to approve a remake of a song.

9/11 2001. Four of the Marrakesh males from Bon Jovi’s tour-plane 1987, brought in the 1st pilot to the American Airlines cockpit. They didn’t know, that their pilot did not know, how to turn a big passenger plane - He had the auto-pilot on, going towards the World Trade Center. It was about flying a certain level of atmosphere.
First came a “young straight man" in to the 2nd pilot seat in the cockpit, but he had to move back to a passenger seat, when the 1st pilot was brought in. The “ young straight man" was taken out of the plane, together with the 4 Marrakesh males before take-off. The "straight man” who was brought in to the 2nd pilot seat, lives today as a blue-eyed brunette female, in absent, and with an ID as 5 years younger.

There was a office-computer brake-in, 29th of January 2017, during the G’Day USA event "Lego Batman screening and mixer" at TV Academy offices in North Hollywood, by a woman dressed as a male executive.
The woman dressed as a male executive knew 3 of the Marrakesh males, coming to US on Bon Jovi’s tour-plane in 1987.
The purpose of the computer brake-in was to take control over new members, members events and ticket-sale.
FACTS: This can be resolved, by checking which members can sweep their ATAS cards electronically, and then erase the computer systems in their offices and remove a memory chip.
Some TV Academy members received “error by sender” from outgoing emails about events, from the website, starting January 29 2017.
 June 1st/2018 There is a gay-boy that check Facebook daily for Emmy/Oscar posts. He opens up a PR’s members account in his home in the valley, on the website to block outgoing emails to some members, but only if the words “Reception to follow” are printed on the invite, since April 3rd 2017.
Members need to receive the invites in their email-boxes, to be able to click-on and login.(account settings) It is caused by, both straight and gay men (as growing teenagers), push down boy-body-frame “low" with their mind, to grow a man’s shoulder-blade with height.- A person that feels this way should internet-date the same body-frame, and stay away from celebrity circles, unless he has a talent on stage, as performer.

(7/5/2018) North Hollywood has a group of gay-boys (less than 10) who sleep outside, and wear adult diapers, that release a perfume. It is caused by they used a soul to refrain from all sexual activity (7 years and more), to do assault among celebrities. Internet is used as a weapon to create a "side-PR”, a "side-guestlist” and their own guards.

(7/5/2018) TV Academy in North Hollywood is loosing money without knowledge, because of two similar billing names are stated on members credit cards statements: "Academy of Television Arts” billing, Dec.31 and "Academy of Arts” billing, in the middle of the year.
The original TV Academy members with billing date Dec.31, cannot change Peer Group or change from Associate to Active member or vice verse, because of two different billing accounts.
The “Academy Of Arts” billing people don’t know: Web-series, feature-films, commercials, docs, performance shows or short-films had to be aired in TV (cable or national) to be part of the TV Academy, otherwise they belong to a different Academy.The Creative Arts Emmys need to check their nominees to see if they aired in TV or Web.(Internet)

 (Aug.26/2018) Stephen Paddock's nickname "Andrew" came from two shirts he owned, but never wore. The shirts had "Andrew Security" patches on their upper sleeves.
That’s why he used the phrase “ I’m an Andrew” in 2003.
Paddock was responsible for taking away the AB 60-DMV forms between Christmas and NYE 2014 for the "4 Years AB-60 CA State ID” for foreign residents in California.
Regular DMV forms could not be used when AB-60 was implemented Jan. 2nd 2015.
There was only surveillance camera footage of Stephen Paddock at the close-by casino Excalibur, where he had an additional hotel room.
There was a witness inside the Mandalay Bay hotel room shooting, who left Las Vegas airport for an Asian country (Thailand) right after, and he is still there.
The witness was of Latin/Asian accent, named Ricardo, worked with Hologram technology and he did the same celebrity circles of top performers hotel-suits as Stephen Paddock. One of the performers was singer Beyonce, who was in Las Vegas at that time.
FACT: There was old video clip of Beyonce debuting a theatrical play, shown at the same news program announcing the Mandalay Bay shooting October 2017..
Ricardo didn’t know his office's technology was used to replace actors in film and TV. 

Therefor casting directors should check the names of actors cast to do a role, and compare the name-credits shown on the same motion picture and TV commercial aired.
(UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Only TV Commercials featuring prescription drugs remain untouched. Casting directors can look up the credits of these actors, and their names are the same, as cast.

Ricardo was born 1969, grew up as 67, but received a passport as born 1980 in 2002, to loose awareness level.
Beyonce received a passport at age 32 to become 21 from the same source as Ricardo. She has a relative in south of France, who has a bakery, where she most likely traveled after.

Stephen Paddock's photo in all news channels
FACT: October 2017. The Mandalay Bay shooter Stephen Paddock (Andrew), had many assault reported to the police, 2003-7 - and he was well-known among celebrities.
No-one knew his real name, but he called himself Andrew, and he was often seen outside Hillary Clinton’s campaign events, and events put on by EmgPR and FingerprintPR.
People who lived north of Sunset blvd in LA, called him "Mr. Padlock with security van”.  If they saw his van parked outside a celebrity home, they knew it was a special event going on, and he came to take over the RSVP-list and create assault. Stephen Paddock was in contact with the seven Marrakesh males on Bon Jovi tour plane in 1987.
 Insiders knew Stephen Paddock worked for a group of black males from Cairo who were seeking monopoly in showbiz, by giving female service personal a new CA State ID as younger, then put their names in a celebrity PR's computer, with a  resume of a look-a-like, to arrange dates with famous men. - After a handful of dates with a famous man, a marriage was announced in TV with no papers signed, and a baby was taken out of a Swedish hospital, before the baby reach an adoption bureau.
The same black male group from Cairo change the heads of talents, from old clips of Johnny Carson's talk-shows, and change the whole actor of short movies made by Warner Bros. (computer-tech)
FACTS: It started in 2003, when Stephen Paddock, known as Andrew, created assault of invited guests outside the shoe store opening of Italian Donald Pliner Shoes in Beverly Hills. People went right away with a written report to talk to Beverly Hills police chef Peter Bonomo. Andrew was considered dangerous, ordering around police and fire department in his own ordinary clothes - then hitting down guests on the sidewalk.
FACTS: In 2014 Stephen Paddock (Andrew) was seen smashing drinks from guests hands and taking over the guest-list in the lobby of Standard Hotel in West Hollywood, -  then blocking the entrance of the Standard Hotel's club event “Club promoter Giorgio Moroder Birthday Party”.
FACTS: The same year, 2014 Stephen Paddock (Andrew) was blocking the entrance of "Belvedere Vodka New Flavor Launch" at West Hollywood Club "Greystone Manor” - after friendly Belvedere staff checked guests in, with no delay. Stephen Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley was standing next to him, and she was blocking him, with her whole body, not to start fist fights.
FACTS: It was many detailed letters asking for help and money-settlement about (Stephen Paddock)“Andrew” assaults  and copied models-resumes entering PR agents (with proof from agents and casting directors). The detailed email letters went to major law firms in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York from the website in 2003-2007.
Most likely, Stephen Paddock shot his girlfriend Marilou Danley, then himself, because there was no footage of her after the Mandalay Bay shooting.
Stephen was expecting a group of men who were checking the surveillance cameras, who knew -  if his girlfriend had her name on the room, he was there too.
Mandalay Bay policies are, that the person’s name of the room reservation had to show ID, then sign a paper with the date and time of the checking, to receive the room keys. The same date and time, are on the surveillance cameras in Mandalay Bay's hotel lobby.

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery can be compared with a "Elvis Presley photo & name mystery", because there is no US State ID traced of the name Elvis Presley, before he signed a recording contract.
Presley was a stage-name, and was originally spelled with two S, because it came from the word PRESSE next his name Elvis in his German ID, because his father was a press-member and filmmaker during the 2nd World War in Germany.
The letters L and Y was added to PRESSE to become PRESSLEY.
It was easy to create a new family in Tennessee because Elvis father died and he had no more parents in Germany, before moving to US.
Neither Elvis substitute mother Gladys and her husband in Tennessee, had the name Presley in their IDs.
A US State ID was created by a movie executive by pulling up the birth-certificate of Glady's still-born baby in Tennessee, born January 8 1935, but Elvis was born 21 December 1936.
Elvis new US State ID came with complications, because when he got a new job as going brunette - a very much look-a-like body-double was brought in, with natural dark, wavy, he-brew hair.
There was a booklet printed in 1955 about celebrity pets, which featured a series of photos, with text below “ Elvis and his brother Buster and the hound-dog from the TV sitcom “The People’s Choice”.

In 1968 Elvis Presley’s body-double had his small head-photo printed with Elvis name under, in a US newspaper, as the driver of the accidental drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne. Elvis went to the place where his body-double was arrested, and showed his Elvis Presley ID, his own hair and his albums as straight-haired dark blond - and from that point he was free from his body-double.
Once the case died down, the files of the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne were moved by a guard  to Senator Ted Kennedy's files, and press renamed the case “Chappaquiddick” 1968. (The case was later moved to 1969 on the internet).
A Warner Bros. executive, connected to the Libya mob, was found responsible, and shot dead in his NYC office, before Christmas holidays 1968. His body was later found in the ocean.
 (Aug.26/2018) Another reason to the Warner Bros. executive shooting in 1968 was a replacement to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie was brought in to NYC, born 1967, but moved to birth-year 68. There were photos created of Elvis and Priscilla with "meet & greet unknown babies", and each photo had Lisa Marie’s name under.
Days before NYE 1969 Elvis twin-brother Buster traveled with his own baby, from NYC to Sweden, to meet the biological father of Lisa Marie’s replacement, who had the same German last name as him. He ended up staying there and became a part of the family.

 (UPDATED OCT.17 2018) Elvis twin brother Buster took out so much money to invest in stocks of Stora Kopparberg, that a smaller Swedish bank closed down in 1977. He had recognition in NYC 1956, as the young boy in documentary clips, meeting Adolf Hitler in 1944, with men in uniform standing around. Adolf Hitler wanted to meet him, because his father was Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, and he was the first-born of the twins.
 (UPDATED DEC.22.2018) Elvis and Buster’s father in Germany was named Goethe-Ostlund, during the 2nd World War, and his full length photo, in jacket and eye-glasses was featured in 1950’s Swedish history books.
During the 2nd World War, Goethe was called-in as a documentary filmmaker of “The downfall of Germany " and Adolf Hitler's suicide April 30 1945, in his headquarter.
 In 1950, five years after the 2nd World War ended, Goethe was shot dead, and his footage got stolen for reproduction and unlawful editing. For example, footage of a grave after a gas bomb was moved to become the grave of a concentration camp.

(Updated June 1st/2018)
  The reason LA and NY have a malice with Cairo is because the "middle son" of Fred Trump has "plunged down" to the unsuccessful level of atmosphere in 1990.
He was adopted out from today’s Queen Elizabeth of England before taking the throne.The son's father was a long-term friend of Queen Elizabeth's husband. The son’s father had straight-Arab-white-blond hair and traveled with Philip Mountbatten and featured in many photos, but he has been cut out.
People in NYC remember the "middle son" of late Fred Trump as someone that was a fan of the fashion models during the whole eighties, and he used the dandy-look.
He lives today with a unknown woman in an apartment in NYC. The unknown woman is a Madame with similar facial features as late Princess Diana.
In 1996, days before Prince Williams 14 Y birthday (June 21st) there was a social event in Buckingham Palace, where two tall transgender from LA entered Buckingham Palace front entrance, and took over one of  the 775 rooms in the west wing.
They are now lodging there permanently. In 1997 two more tall transgender showed up, and today they are a total of 7 lodging there. They have their own guards without payroll, mixed with regular guards outside Buckingham Palace.
They are all using an "absent-soul" to get their way in.
A person gets an "absent-soul" by refraining from all kind of sexual activity, for at least seven years in a row.
An old remedy to remove an “absent-soul” with bad intention, is to have fire touch the shoe-soles of the person, while standing. A lit candle can be used or walk on fire-lit stones, but the person needs to wear shoes and stand straight. One time is enough.
People who with an “absent-soul” for many years, usually go to a Mortuary, once every few years, to stage the arms and legs of a body - first day dead - then press their genitals to various body parts of the dead body - to get a high.That’s why Amy (Jon Benet) had marks on her clothes.

(6/1/2018)There are two look-a-likes, but with different hair cells, of Prince William and Prince Harry walking around in Buckingham Palace caused by the 7 transgender.
Look-a-like "William" as an uncle, and he worked in 2004 as a banker, in a bank on the corner of San Vicente and Santa Monica blvd in West Hollywood. His father worked in the  same bank, upper offices.
The look-a-like "Harry" was a former chorus boy, but he has worked with race-cars in the past.
The are both using an "absent-soul”, not to sink down in the atmosphere.
If a look-a-like gets caught living someone's else life - he needs to stay closed-in for one year,without publicity, so the real person can return to the surface of atmosphere.

Former Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda had a son in the 80s who was a look-alike Prince Harry.
Fact: There were two race-cars in collision, which caught fire at 1976 German Grand Prix in Nurburgring. Both drivers got burnt in their face with two different ID names. Ever since the accident people present them both as Niki Lauda.
Fact: In June a few years ago,a look-a-like Prince Harry went on a trolley with two male friends on the corner of San Vicente blvd and Santa Monica blvd in West Hollywood. One of his friends got a phone call and handed over the phone to his friend saying: “Kelly called from Buckingham Palace and wonder how the LA Pride Festival is going?


 (Aug.26/2018) In 1962 Tippi Hedren and Marilyn Monroe were up for the same role in the film “The Birds”. Tippi got the role and also a cover of Playboy 1963 - only 50 copies printed. 
The Playboy cover photo 1963 of Tippi came from the movie "The Birds", where Tippi was waving her arm and birds were flying above her head.
Years later a re-print of the same cover was made, with a photo of Marilyn Monroe doing the same gesture as Tippi Hedren, but closer to the camera. The re-print year of the cover was changed to 1956. The photo of Marilyn Monroe was bought by Playboy from a LA newspaper for press-use, many years earlier.
The original cover of Tippi Hedren on the cover of Playboy 1963 can still be find at Playboy mansion’s archives.
Tippi Hedren has changed her name since her late last husband, but she has a look-a-like featured in press since more than a decade, who is shorter, with more narrow hips than her.

Former FBI director James Comey had a friend named Elania (5.7” with narrow hip) in 1998. She was presented to late Fred Trump’s oldest son,the same year, and they started dating. Elania went back to Eastern Europe in 2001, and got replaced, the same year by look-a-like Melania (5.11” with wide hip).

On April 15, 1974 there was a look-alike Patty Hearst recorded on the surveillance video wielding an M1 carbine while robbing the Sunset District branch of the Hibernia Bank at 1450 Noriega Street in San Francisco. There is a former member of Step-Up Women’s Network LA, that has exact spelling of Patricia Hearst names in her passport, but she uses a different first name since 1974. She got sick right before the video was recorded, and started to grow a wider body-frame in 1977.

Actor Michael Douglas has a look-a-like who lives in MGM Grand in Las Vegas since 1997. He came from Rome to Las Vegas on an "absent-soul” of at least 7 years, and could pick up a "facial-soul” to get  Michael Douglas exact expressions and also loose his accent.
It doesn’t effect Michael Douglas because the-look-alike has his own money and own ID.The only way this could happen is because the look-alike is Michael Douglas biological father.Someone took spearm from a young boy, then changed one letter in the name of the child born, to become Kirk Douglas son.
The look-a-like man is a real-estate developer called Lino, who lived years at Lord Byron Hotel in Rome.
Lino has a wider smile than Michael Douglas and he was approached by studio executives to sign contracts by MGM Grand pool, right after he arrived in Las Vegas.

 (7/5/2018) Lino knew George Clooney’s wife Amal before 1997.

 (7/5/2018) In 1970  Prince Carl Gustaf XVI played cricket with a group of friends, and one of his friends was named Camilla, with a Swedish last name.The photos from that cricket game can be found in an archive-drawer in Stockholm castle. Later, Camilla moved to London and press started to name her Camilla Parker Bowles, but she never married a Parker Bowles.
Years later, a look-a-like showed up in press, but Camilla’s real facial features can be seen in the video-clips from 1973 inside the car with Prince Charles. She still lives in London, unmarried, works with cars and she got a son with a famous man in NYC in the 80s.
In the 70’s people were wondering why (then) Prince Carl Gustaf XVI had the name "Chabo" in his Swedish passport. The name “Chabo" comes from 2nd World War, when Stockholm castle shoemaker had the same name in his passport.

(7/5/2018) In 1975 a Swedish magazine (Svensk Damtidning) published big photos of actress Grace Kelly’s wedding 19 April 1956, at the St. Nicholas Cathedral,
and wondered how Grace Kelly can take the ring from Rainer III as both brunette (in bob haircut) and blond (with hair up) the same day, same church.
There were two look-a-like wives (Inez and Grace Kelly) who married Rainer III, five years apart, and they shared the same date of birth, June 1 1929.

Inez was a French blue-eyed brunette runway model, 5.8" who worked for the fashion houses in South of France. In NYC she worked with, and dated Elvis Presley’s twin brother Buster, also a runway model, 6.1’’. Inez married Rainer III in June 1956, and she died two years later in fall 1958, caused by complication of a breast lump.
As a widower Rainer III started to date his late wife Inez’ girlfriends,the taller 5.10”” French brown-eyed brunettes, which he put aside to marry Grace Kelly, April 1961.
After Grace Kelly’s miscarriage in April 1962,(printed in books) Rainer’s former girlfriends got in the Monte-Carlo castle again, with help of the staff and the French language, which caused complications to the marriage.
To make her marriage work again, Grace Kelly stopped showing for a year, took away all photos of Inez, changed her wedding year from 1961 to 1956, let her light-ash-brown roots grow, moved her birth month from June 1st to November 12 and put padding in shoulders and hips.She also received a baby girl from Princess Anne of England (then with a passport as 20 years old) The baby was born May 28 1962 (Stephanie) and she was moved 9 months from the miscarriage to Feb. 1st 1963. Years later a French male model- agency owner in Paris, moved Stephanie's birth year from 1963 to 1965. All this caused Grace Kelly joined a good “sect” in Mandelieu-la Napoule that gave her herbal-fertility drinks, which laid ground for the movie-script of Roman Polanski’s movie Rosemary’s Baby 1968.
The 13 September 1982, Grace Kelly held a lively discussion with Stephanie in a car, because she was against her intention to move to Paris and start modeling.
Grace pulled down the steering wheel of Stephanie as driver, to go aside and stop the car, but the wheels continued, and the car went over the cliff.
Five days after the accident, an unknown person took away the life-support of Grace Kelly in Monaco Hospital, La Colle, Monaco.


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