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Re-cap of 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Consumer Product Show in L.A.

"Left Coast"Holiday Gift Guide Consumer Product Event Show was held at LA's west coast location  Loew's Santa Monica Beach Hotel, July 29th, 2015.
By Karen Ostlund
Alyson Dutch, one of the nation’s top consumer product PR mavens and author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs ( She established Consumer Product Events in 2009, which showcase  products for press who seek content for their annual holiday gift guide editorials.
Artist Colleen Stratton's watercolor art. – California-based artist, Colleen Stratton, has developed an alphabet series featuring these adorable creatures. The “Soul Friends” come together to spell names and inspirational words. 
SPF Addict UPF of 50+ Clothing –was founded in 2011 by Marina Arnold, a former cosmetic dermatology RN and hospice nurse treating patients with sun-damaged skin.The clothing is tested by
Ultraviolet Transmission rays, and re-tested after 40 wet and chlorinated washes.
Marina Arnold designed a fashion line of clothing with organic fibers that carry sun protective factors and a UPF rating of 50+.  A portion of all proceeds benefit ACS, Relay For Life. The three fashion garments include: Sleeved wrap, Marina Cardigan and for fall 2015 a Deidre Dolman in black, grey, taupe and mango. - Custom designed luxury handbags by Master Leather Artisan, 
LuLu Comora. Bohlux treats women to exquisite, unique, designer handbags, totes, clutches made in the USA. best-sellers are made of wired semi-precious stones – is an uplifting jewelry line: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and cuff-links that empowers women and men to be authentic. This mother-daughter team, create captivating high quality jewelry that inspires inner beauty and gives back a portion of the proceeds to a nonprofit organization with a commitment to end domestic abuse.

Designer Deborah Lindquist's Eco-couture, wearing
a cut-out organic dress,
and showing a new line of emoji sweaters. – Known as the “green queen,” This Eco-couture designer has attracted clients from Rhianna to Pink to her LA-based atelier. Lindquist showcased her new line of cashmere emoji sweaters,for both women and dogs, signature bustiers, and cut-out organic cotton tops and dresses in white and black.
Deborah uses organic fabrics grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides, sustainable fabrics implement earth friendly processing. The up-cycled fabrics are post-consumer items “reincarnated” into new garments. is founded by former NCAA
gymnast Katie Valleau. The collection offers sports
bras, bottoms and accessories in vibrant colors. – is a hot and upcoming celebrity driven beverage maker who’s SHE Beer boasts a Cali Citrus Amber, a German Dopple Bock, and a Red Intense Lager, among others. SHE Beverages also manufactures “The Supplement H20,” a line of waters promoting the overall well-being of women. – From Sunkist, Snack it Forward has created a new movement of snacks centered around freeze-dried fruit. Snack it Forward’s new line gives food a crunchy texture of nuts and fresh fruit while maintaining a vast majority of the food’s original qualities.

Not Ketchup, the first fruit ketchup made without tomatoes.
NotKetchup.comCreated by an award-winning L.A. food blogger, Erika Kerekes. The first ketchup without a single tomato, it's an all natural fruit-ketchup, sweetened with raw kane sugar, honey and molasses.Not Ketchup features gourmet fruit “ketchups” made from berries and fruits. It was a finalist in last year’s Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards. The 4 flavors are certified Paleo-Friendly (no white sugar or corn syrup!) and gluten free: Cherry Chipotle, Smoky Date, Blueberry White Pepper, and Spiced Fig. - "Where heat meets sweet, move over mint jelly sauce" is their slogan.It's a jelly to enjoy with crackers, vegetables and meat.

Pod Tune CD - 14 songs by musicians who used humpback whale song recordings as instrument and vocals. - An inspired musical collaboration between humpback whales songs and acclaimed composers from around the world. The mission of Pod Tune is to connect audiences to mythic undersea realms and to channel funds to support ocean vitality.
Left, Creator and owner Jennifer Hardaway mixing perfumes for – Self-proclaimed scent-ologist, Jennifer Hardaway, has always had a love affair with fragrance. Her keen nose has morphed into an entrepreneurial inspiration with the launch of the KleanSpa body care line.The line also includes bath-scrubs and pet-shampoo.
O.R.G. Skincare specializes in 3 step mineral peels. – Brian Park is bringing light-years-ahead of skincare technology from South Korea to the US through his line O.R.G. Skincare. He attracted Rachel Zoe to do a product collaboration which is included in her "Box of Style".Brian's mineral face peel is the first all natural enzyme exfoliant that extracts dermal debris and dead skin within seconds of an application.Healing ingredients are: Aloe Vera,Jojoba Oil and Mug-wort extract, finished with brightening agents as Milk Thistle and Licorice Root. Shock resistant and liquid-filled, " the new Liquid Filled Gauze" - Founded in central California, Slime created “the green slimy stuff” to repair tires. Since then, Slime has grown into a company that exports its products to 36 countries and is the leader in tire repair and sealant technology. They know how to repair any tire in 7 minutes.
This year, 2015 upcoming events will include: “Baby, Kids & Toys” on September 2nd and “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide” on October 7th both in New York City.                                                               Consumer Product Events (

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