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CA License Law AB 60 Cause Delay For Blonde Countries

By Karen Ostlund   
The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reported earlier this month, 
January 6 2016, they had issued 605,000 driver licenses under Assembly Bill 60 (AB 60) since it was implemented on January 2, 2015, but the 'blonde countries in Europe' are still waiting. 
One of the reasons - their consulates do not keep track of updates of new immigration laws. 
Native American Indians (by Martin Grelle) They killed who trespassed inland of USA (their country)
AB 60 licenses law made eligible California residents able to receive an AB license regardless of immigration status, which meant an applicant did not need to have proof of lawful presence.
These AB 60 licenses were first created for ID purposes, and to count the illegal Mexican in CA and see how many pursued a legal work circle, with potential health reform in near future.

 When CBS News posted this article October 3, 2013, the AB 60 License was still meant to be CA State ID, January 2, 2015; (not yet a license)

“DMV committed to successfully implementing this new law to increase safety on California’s roads by putting licensed drivers behind the steering wheel,” said DMV Director Jean Shiomoto. “One year after AB 60 implementation there are 605,000 more drivers on the road who have passed all testing requirements and demonstrated their knowledge of California’s rules of the road.”
Under AB 60, the DMV can issue an original driver license to an applicant who lacks proof of legal presence in the United States and meets all other requirements to obtain a driver license, including proof of identity and California residency and meeting all other licensing requirements including written and drive tests.
During the program’s first year, the DMV has administered 2,091,000 knowledge and drive test examinations. As of December 31, 2015, approximately 830,000 AB 60 applicants have applied for a driver license.  
On average, DMV issued approximately 50,000 new driver licenses per month under AB 60 during the first year of implementing the new law.

 AB 60 licenses also apply to many other countries, among Scandinavian Countries.

 Sweden closed their Los Angeles consulate in 2010, and they have stopped issuing Swedish passport in USA, unless the applicant travel to Washington DC with both proof of US residency and Swedish birth certificate. This cause further delay, explained on the website

CA see it as the main duty of the foreign consulate to give their countrymen passports, if the foreign consulate is established on US ground. Only their birth certificate, and their own Dr. License is needed, as 2nd ID.

  Finland and Sweden history goes way back in USA, when they were the same country 1638 and  immigrated to US and established a colony on the Delaware River naming it 'New Sweden'.
The same time Mexico had their own Spanish colony at the border of Mexico. Either Sweden/Finland or Mexico could not enter inland of USA without taking the risk of getting killed of Apache. (American Indians)

Sweden has ancient laws, created before the automobile and the Drivers License existed. The ancient law explains Swedish is a Caucasian of various shades of Ashe colored hair, who origin from the Viking,(a straight-haired Arab blonde) - A true Suede can both renew their passports and represent the country outside Sweden. (Law still valid)

Same ancient Nordic laws explain other ethics groups and countries, that live and are born in Sweden, must show their own passport traveling outside Scandinavia.
This law has been created because the Scandinavian countries are too small to be approached. Sweden is the biggest Scandinavian country, and has the same population as Los Angeles County.
 The Scandinavian countries had only war with their neighbors, (Finland, Norway) the last 1000 years. Sweden and Norway were the same country 1814-1905 (same King), then separated and draw the border, where the accent changed.

The countries that create problem inside Sweden today have similar laws, which explain Scandinavians can't show their passport. If they do, it should be taken and exchanged to their own.
Sweden can resolved this problem by changing the color of their passports, using their own flag
colors. For example, only the Swedish born in Sweden get the yellow Swedish passport, other ethnic groups and countries living in Sweden, get the blue Swedish passport. The Swedish blue passport need to show a second passport,(their own foreign passport) when leaving Scandinavia. (old original law)

Oil painting hanging at the White House in Washington DC Declaration of United by Armand Dumaresq

At the Petersen Museum, the first car 1886 on display. No Dr. License existed.
 Anyone can take a friend and drive around to Los Angeles County different DMVs offices, and ask about requirements to obtain the AB 60 license, for someone that already have a renewable US State ID - but expired from another US State.
The forms given to the applicant ask to list history of expired numbers of other US State IDs and US State Dr. Licenses on the application form (DL44):
Question on DL44 Form: Have you ever had a Driv. License or Identification Card that was issued by California or other State/country in US?
If you mark off YES,- list DL/ID nr, State and expiration date.

After applicant done that,  Los Angeles DMV offices staff explain that other US States ID/licenses can not be renewed/transferred to California, because other US States have different laws, but they don't know which other laws, which means the applicant had to start over.

Leaving expired documents in other states are direct target for identity theft.  A person can return to a State, one or two decades later, where he/she left the document, and be listed 'passed away'.
This happened in Florida 1992 where 1000 US State IDs got stolen (online brake-in). The middle name (on the ID card) got changed to an initial, so a man can use a woman's name, and the birth year got changed, to an age too old to go to military or jail.- City, state, first name and last name remained the same on the card.

A lot of European consulates follow instruction-guide for their countrymen to apply for the AB 60 license, which read that you had to prove your identity and California residency to the DMV by using a combination of documents.
DMV AB60 Guide-instruction, revised Dec.11 2014 (22 days before the the AB 60 LAW went in use) and online instructions read: Expired foreign passport need to be accompanied by Apostille authentication and translated by their own consulate.When Apostille Authentication was presented to Los Angeles DMVs, the staff said they only wanted a valid Passport, and not a foreign Birth Certificate with Apostille Authentication. posted the letter that made applicants believe Apostille Authentication of expired passports were OK. Letter 29 May 2015: To Mr Ronald Coleman from DMV Director Jean Shiomoto, updates regarding CA License Law AB 60:
 Page 3 Documents Requirements
Admit expired passports in conjunction with certain other documents
Link to the letter:

 Many 1980s actors, models and other performers from east-coast (New York, Florida) succeeded to get a US State ID in 90-91, after paying tax many years with a TIN card (Tax ID card)
 Many of these talents moved to CA, and were preparing documents to be able to transfer US State IDs from east coast to CA State, using the AB 60 State ID Law, but this was not working.

CA Department stores ask the buyer when doing exchange/returns of holiday shopping, for any valid US State ID - When the clerk is told expired US State IDs outside CA are not transferable, the clerk wonder "Why, it's the same country?"

USA have today millions of new immigrants who are related to the Hip Hop Culture since 1989-90 They have valid Dr Lic, SSN cards and registered voters, but very few know part of the U.S. history as:
Black men could vote before white women (15th amendment Feb.3 1870) and any other race group of women. The reason, men supported a family with one salary,  went to military and made political decisions.
 "Coming to America VHS" with actor Eddie Murphy,  released June 29 1988, was considered by the  video rental store NY Blockbuster as first Motion Picture movie with all African American cast. The movie was on the 'new releases shelf' in 1989.
Easy-to-remember songs in radio and MTV as: "Ice Ice Baby" with Vanilla Ice, recorded 1989,  released July 2 1990.
The hit-song"U Can't Touch This" with MC Hammer was recorded 1989 and released Jan.13 1990.
Very few knew the black music consisted earlier of: rhythm & blues, soul, jazz, trumpet orchestras and pop (Michael Jackson).

The forgotten group that wanted to use CA AB 60:Entertainment Industry

In 1987s 'super agents in New York' knew professional modelling were under law of sports-law, because they got hired by height and birth-year. Actors, musicians and writers were under law of "special skills".
The executive office of these  super-agents used to drive by DMV every morning 8.30AM, to see if any of the people that lined-up related to them. Their clients requested to see talents that had a resume over-seas (which was the original law) - but no-one wanted sponsor anyone, unless the person became famous first.
This resulted, many of these agents were forced to hire their talents on the 'Forever-6-Months -Tourist-Visa' - which never expired even if passport got renewed, but the talent had to leave US one week every 6 months, to avoid a fine. This VISA was issued by the US Embassy inside their own European capital city with interview, because the visa-bearer could change status inside US and get sponsored.

This 'Forever-6 Months-Tourist-Visa' got cancelled 1990 with a stamp "cancelled" , when VISA-bearer left for Europe. The stamp "cancelled" can be evoked (but all legal offices need to know), because the Hip Hop music was in full swing, and its music was/is under US Law to become successful in their own country first.
 All this created a big problem for European models, actors and musicians in 1990 because they had already obtained a valid Tax ID card (TIN) by paying tax in their foreign passport name, as well as a 4 year renewable US State ID from DMV, only for id purposes (New York, Florida) - but they could not proceed with the green-card application.

In October 1981 the requirements of professional print models age 14-21 were (171-174 cm) 5.7" to 5.8 1/3".
The runway female model height started at 175 cm (5.8 1/2" and up). Junior size went over to Misses adult size at age 14 and 16.
 Major NY model agencies used to recruit their models in European countries with health-care, no war and same ethnic group as the Cowboys. The agencies used to help their models deduct 21% tax and send in to the IRS, before giving the checks, and later help to open up a checking account in their foreign passport name.
Before digital film, model agencies used their own contact-man living in the capital city, to scout new talents, measure heights, then sending over a 36ex roll-films to their New York Agency.
Later, NY agency owners traveled to these over-seas capitals to do final castings.
The models selected to start, got free portfolio photos, provided by photographer working with the agency.
The models started out in Paris and Milan, and then traveled to US on the 'Forever-6-Months -Tourist-Visa'. (same as the actors and musicians) (NY,FL) told actors, models, musicians they had to have the same name and nr on a Social Security (SSN) card as the TIN card,  after passing the driving test, to be able to pick the US State Dr License.
If not - they were told to wait for new laws, or get married.
In Oct.1997 a new immigration law was created to help these people, and to be first in line get the SSN nr faster, which guidelines read;
No more exit US more than one week - once a year. Pay tax with your TIN card, but with no social security benefits for at least 7 years.
Have all bills and legal papers in the foreign passport name.

Nothing more happened with that law because of Mexico,  their consulate started to issued quantity of the Matricula card.
The Matrícula Card (MCAS)  (identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices to Mexican nationals proof of resident outside of Mexico)
The purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the bearer is a Mexican national living outside of Mexico.

 Final answers to resolve this, can still be found at 1800 US Law book, which explain the ethnic group (cowboys) that took away the land from the American Indians, are the first race group to obtain US Passports regardless of speaking accent. The native American Indians lost their land, and had to go and live in 'Indian reserve and Territory'.
- Caucasian can use race-hair on head to open up a bank account in USA.
- There is another law regarding 'race upset and revolution' involving 1000 people and more, which relate to 1992 Rodney King riots/race-upset in Los Angeles. Statistics of the Rodney King riots:
April 29-May 4 1992, 53 Death, 11.000+ arrested, 4000+ CA Army Patrolled Los Angeles and $700 millions and more in property damages.

The ancient US Law read, if the people who create race-upset/revolution do not belong to the ethnic group that took away the land of Apache,  American Indians.- Then, the people w/highest hair-cell (any color) on head, can go and pick up a US.passport regardless of nationality, as a second Passport.
To use this law, the person had to prove both Caucasian hair-cell on head (analyze) and prove to be inside the country the time-era of the race upset/ revolution.
This law has been created, because USA need Caucasians (any hair-color) to stay inside the country and take a job, when race upset/revolution occurs. This law is still valid but all law offices need to know.

A poll can be made - in case Caucasian immigrants do not get equal voting rights, the Presidential Election,  November 8, 2016, can be postponed or cancelled - and as a replacement, a group of politicians with high knowledge of the problem can be formed. 

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