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Project Ethos Fall Fashion 2015: Blank Silk, Hale Bob, Liberty Garden, Nicole Miller, Nathanaelle, LubOV, Millions & Chrissie D. Swimwear

Art - Hearts - Fashion Fall 2015  showcase, March 10th at Taglyan Hall in Hollywood, CA
 Project Ethos Powered by French Tuesday's took over the evening bringing in their signature showcase of high-powered designers, live art and performers for the 1,000+ guests, hosted by actress Kristian Weathers.
Designers included headliners 
Hale Bob, Nicole Miller, Lead International Designer LubOV TumanOVA, Chrissie D. Swimwear, Liberty Garden, Nathanaelle Couture, Blank Silk and Millions & Millions. 
Additional sponsors of the event included Glendale Infiniti, Canard Duchene, Toast Vodka, Gilded Cells, and Gardein.
Millions & Millions Bridal w. designer Dunya Yildiz Can

Meghan Walsh Blank Silk Runway Project Ethos, photo above.
Blank Silk- Meghan Walsh is combining her studies of Painting, Graphic Design and Eastern Religion - Hinduism at Elon University, and coursework in Couture Embellishment & Applique at The Parsons School of Design, 
 Meghan's Ready to Wear Spring 2015 collection is the rich artistic tradition and vivid colors of India and the influences of the private Haweli in Jaipur where Meghan spent four months developing her new line. It was this experience that inspired Meghan's vision for Blank Silk: to create a luxury lifestyle brand rooted in sustainable values and enduring quality: Fine silk and wearable art.
Chrissie D. Swimwear
Chrissie D. Swimwear- 
 "My passion in becoming a Swimsuit Designer started at the age of 12 years old. Thanks to my mother whom thought me all the tricks and secrets in sewing. Now my inspiration to persuade my passion, have been my two children and my husband". said Chrissie D.
Hale Bob- Hale Bob's creator, Daniel Bohbot, started his work in Paris.  Immersing himself in the art, music and film of that city Bohbot developed a style and viewpoint that combined pop culture with the world of couture. 
During a 2001 visit to Los Angeles, Bohbot realized that the "City of Angels" was the place to launch the designs that would quickly make his clothes must-have fashion for Hollywood's celebrity clientele and for taste makers worldwide. 
Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria are all fans who have come to love the look of Hale Bob. All of the prints used by Hale Bob are designed and developed in the Hale Bob studios in Los Angeles. 
Hale Bob

Liberty Garden
Liberty Garden- Liberty Garden is the brainchild of Daniel Bohbot, Hale Bob CEO. 
 Knowing that millions of people die from preventable and curable illnesses, Daniel is determined to make a difference. Daniel realized he could use the success of his fashion business to help save countless lives. Liberty Garden quickly became his focus and passion. For each item sold he is committed to providing a potentially life saving medical treatment.

LubOV TumanOVA evening dresses in peach, copper and turquoise.
LubOV TumanOVA- "Copper Fairy Tale" combined with peach. 
The main emphasis of the collection is the use of copper decor and accessories that bring a certain charm and uniqueness to dresses and suits. Copper has useful healing properties; it improves skin, stabilizes blood pressure and has a beneficial effect on the entire body, making the dresses in this collection not only beautiful but also useful. 
The designer, inspired by her travels in eastern countries and cultures, has created a collection in a new color scheme. Suits and dresses are in more formal style. 
Cocktail and evening dresses carry delicate peach, copper, sapphire, and turquoise colors and shades. The fabrics are consisting of eastern chiffon, lace and natural silk. 
Nathanaelle Couture w designer Nathanaelle Hottois
Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller has a degree in fine arts from The Rhode Island School of Design and a degree from l' École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne in Paris, 
Nicole Miller combines her art training with couture technique. This, along with her French heritage, has given her a unique style and vision. Her irreverent style of clothing has been worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Joss Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé, Blake Lively and Eva Longoria among others. Philanthropically minded, Nicole supports primarily environmental causes such as Waterkeeper and Rocky Mountain Institute as well as many children's charities. 
Sponsors: AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)
The Organic Face™
Monster Energy, Sweet! Hollywood, Hang W/, Hint Water and MOSAIC
Special Project Ethos Guest DJ C.C. Sheffield-
Project Ethos Sponsor

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