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DEVO's Casale talks about THE 50 BY 50 Wine Brand at Wally's Beverly Hills

Photos & story by Karen Ostlund

GERALD V. CASALE, legendary musician and co-founder of the band DEVO, announced yesterday the launch of two new Pinot Noir for THE 50 BY 50–the wine brand. 
left, Swedish Egil was KROQ DJ in the 80's (today Groove Radio) tasting w Casale at Wally's Beverly Hills store

The “2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir” and the “2014 Sonoma Coast Rosé of Pinot Noir,” made their debut at the spring tasting party yesterday, May 16th at Wally’s Beverly Hills, 447 N. Cañon Drive.

The new “2013 Pinot Noir” hits the winning notes of his debut bottling and beyond with its 50/50 blend of Dijon and Pommard clones from Rodger’s Creek
"2013 Pinot Noir” gives way to a smoky, silky finish with hints of Cinnamon and palate-pleasing flavors of Cherry and Blackberry.

The “2014 Rosé of Pinot Noir” is a crisp, dry and pink wine.
DEVO's hit "Whip It" 1980 hit nr. 14 at Billboard Hot 100

THE 50 BY 50 estate marks the evolution of GERALD’s longtime passion for wine which started in 1978 when DEVO, the iconic new wave, art punk group CASALE co-founded with Mark Mothersbaugh, who left Ohio for the promise of California. 

Casale explains how it all started: 
"I met restaurateurs Michael McCarty (Michael’s)Bruce Marder (Brentwood Restaurant, House Café)Wolfgang Puck (Spago, Wolfgang Punk, Chinois on Main, WP24)Piero Selvaggio (Valentino) and Jeremiah Tower (Stars) among others,” 
 “I became a disciple of the new California cuisine and the California wines with which it was often paired. After attending many California winemaker's dinners with wine-pairing - I can say I drank my way to knowledge.”
How I fall in love in Pinot Noir (Casale):
"One fateful night before a show in Parisa French promoter started opening some legendary Domaine de la Romanée Conti (DRC) wines.  
- After enjoying a bottle of 1989 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir with breast of duck, I never looked back"  
Devo's Casale 50 by 50 Pinot Noir 2013

Pinot Noir varietals remain the focus of THE 50 BY 50.
Since Pinot Noir grapes don’t thrive in Napa’s Wooden Valley, THE 50 BY 50 went to the best location nearby to purchase the fruit where they do thrive–the Sonoma Coast. 

(Casale) “Our ambitious five-year plan for releasing our first vintage of complex, Bordeaux-style Estate wine is on way of course". 

"The fruit for both our Pinot Noir and Rosé of Pinot Noir. were grown and harvested at Rodger’s Creek, in the Sonoma Coast AVA (American Viticultural Area), with helped by Randy Luginbill and Jonathan Goldveterans with 30 years of experience"

"Rodger’s Creek vines are 13 years-old, and the soils are a Kidd stony loam. Our grapes come from vines on a 9 percent slope at an elevation of 675 feet.” concluded Casale.

Last year, CASALE launched and celebrated his debut vintages of “2012 Pinot Noir”.  

Virginie Boone from "Wine Enthusiast magazine" awarded the 2012 Pinot Noir a 
94 point rating and described it as, “a feminine Pinot, sublime in color and texture, bright in tart cherry, brisk in acidity with an undercurrent of dried herbs de Provence, cinnamon and exotic spice" (February 2015).

 Casale's “2013 Rosé of Pinot Noir” was described by Phil Gallo of Billboard as”a nose of strawberry, peach and lychee nut and an appealing weightiness” (April 2014).

THE 50 BY 50 Estate is a 23-acre property situated southeast of the Atlas Peak AVA (American Viticultural Area)and north of the Wild Horse AVA on the Monticello Road incline in the Wooden Valley of Napa, CA

The anchor of THE 50 BY 50 vision and its namesake, rests in the creation of its estate housea realization of a never-built architectural masterpiece known as the “50 by 50″  The house was designed over 60 years ago by the pre-eminent, 20th Century Modernist architect Mies Van Der Rohe

More info:

THE 50 BY 50 Wally’s Wine and Spirits in Los Angeles

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