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Frontiers presented Summer & Fall Fashion 2015 by Antti Asplund, Ca-Rio-Ca and Andrew Christian

By Karen Ostlund 
Fall Fashion 2015 from Finnish designer Antti Asplund during Style Fashion Week LA

Antti Asplund's fashion "Heterophobia"
Style Fashion week LA dedicated its closing night to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans gender) community presented by Frontiers Magazine. Frontiers Magazine presented designers Antti Asplund, Ca-Rio-Ca and closing designer, Andrew Christian.  


The Finnish-based artist and designer projected a black and white video starring himself as the designer, really helping set the tone to a different kind of runway show. Antti is a vocal artist, and a member of his team,musician Obi Blanche, He wrote, produced and directed the video & music that was played simultaneously throughout the show with Obi behind the DJ music booth, making sure to perfectly match the video and music with the catwalk as models showcased Antti Aspland's political street-wear collection "Heterophobia." 
Antti Asplund has been designing clothes under his name label since 2007, written one novel in Finnish and released a vocal single in September 2014. From the cold and dark outskirts of Finland, Antti finds his inspiration in "darkness and light, night-less nights and the deepest dark." He was born in Oulu, Northern Finland during the coldest night of December in 1981. 

Antti describes spending his childhood playing in and out of the imagination of his own mind, where anything was possible. In spring 2000 he packed his hats and feathers and moved south to find his home in Helsinki. He is a General Linguistics and Fashion drop out who switched academia and theory to vision and storytelling. 
His workshop is a rabbit hole away from the world, a shady cellar where the floor is stained with coffee and ashes. The room has only one window, but the view is interchanging. 
Last season, with a sole purpose to spread the message of the power of free imagination, Antti packed his bags to tour globally, making his way to Style Fashion Week's platforms both in New York City with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and now in Los Angeles, CA. 
Antti Asplund has two fashion lines - eponymous Antti Asplund collection and a political street wear collection HETEROPHOBIA by Antti Asplund. (Images below are from Heterophobia) 
Designer Ca-Rio-Ca from Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil)  brought sexy back with men of vigor in swim wear as Samba Dancers, to debut his latest collection. The runway show was on fire with audience going wild for sexy men or "real men who wear sunga" (as the brand likes to describe it) The show featured both female and male booty shaking Samba dancers. Male models wearing wings showing killer abs. Ca-Rio-Ca's show set a new standard for runway entertainment, fashion & fun -  leaving everyone in the room with dancing fever. 
The swimwear collection was a combination of fun prints and colors.  Each pair is handmade in Ipanema Beach with high quality of fabrics, that embody the spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro. 
Ca-Rio-Ca mens Swim Summer 2015 during Style Fashion Week LA

Ca-Rio-Ca is proud to offer their consumers a distinctive line of swimwear that complements the male physique without being overly revealing and promotes unique style, active lifestyle, and self-confidence. 
Designer Ca-Rio-Ca swimwear from Rio de Janeiro

Samba dancing models at CA-RIO-CA swimwear fashion show
(Center,) Designer Ca-Rio-Ca from Rio de Janeiro
Andrew Christian's mens underwear Summer 2015
Designer Andrew Christian closed the night with his famous line of underwear"Blow"-ing collection. Andrew debuted new concepts of underwear for men such as the Peek-A-Boo Brief Jock, describing its functionality as "Just pop open the pouch to show off what's underneath" brief. 
This jock featured the surprise pouch that you pop open to reveal its contents.  Pieces that were different were the "Trophy Boy Gigolo" and the "Almost Naked Gigolo" which had the signature neon Andrew Christian waistband, which glow in the dark under a black light.
 Andrew Christian's briefs are made keeping men's health at mind,and designs are made to place a man's package up and center keeping its parts at just the right temperatures (best for conception and clean hygiene). 
Designer Andrew Christian himself at Style Fashion Week LA closing night

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